Saturday, December 19, 2015

Homemade and Cozy

Quilted wall hanging created for Howard and Dawn.
The four blocks were left from a special quilt made several years ago.

I traced on a design of inter-locking hearts.
I don't have fine hand-quilting skills, but have persevered with a few small projects.
I was distressed to find that the pencils I used to transfer the heart shapes left markings that were still visible after the piece was washed.
The pencils were labeled as specifically for quilt marking.

Quilting seen from the back of the piece.

I started the quilting prior to the June wedding--didn't pick it up again until two weeks ago.

As part of the renovation of our Amish farmhouse, Jim converted two small bedrooms beyond the master bedroom to make a bathroom and walk-in closet. 
He broke through a wall in order to have space to build a roomy tiled shower.
This left us with a sunny area we call[ rather grandly] the 'dressing room.'
Eventually it will house a linen cupboard and other storage. 
The old red chair was salvaged many years ago from the wet basement of a house our son considered renting. The woven seat was gone and damp had eaten at the chair legs.
A friend replaced the seat, the damaged wood was cut from the bottom of the legs.
I painted it in my favorite Olde Century Barn Red--back when  oil-based paints were standard issue.
The chair has sat on the porch of several houses.
Jim carried it up to this sunny space and a shabby blue quilted pad was placed on the seat.
Prompted by the thought of winter I decided to make the chair more inviting with a 
new pad and cushion.
The chair has become a favorite napping spot for Mima-cat, especially on a sunny day.

The prior photo is better for true colors of the fabric I used.
Faced with stacked bins of fabric, I dug through smaller containers in search of something inspiring.
I found a collection of blocks  and partially constructed bits saved from older projects.
I layered the completed block above with batting and backing and used a decorative machine stitch to quilt the piece.
An envelope type back completes the cushion.

Four more spare blocks, same method used.

Detail of the finished chair pad.

I made a larger cushion to place in Jim's recliner.

Finished cushion and pad.

Lined valances to top the living room curtains.

Color a bit washed out in these photos.
Fabric from a line produced nearly 20 years ago, purchased from ebay and intended for 
the Bedford stone house.
After the months of painting and shuffling furniture about, I've taken a quiet pleasure in creating these small embellishments--pleased to have re-purposed bits and pieces to good use.
The approach of winter stimulates an instinct to layer on warmth and coziness, small material comforts which add to a sense of 'home.'


  1. I like the idea of a dressing room, so much better than stumbling around on a cold bathroom floor. Your quilting is so perfect and beautiful.

  2. How pretty! Your home is so cozy with all of your quilts. You've really inspired me. As soon as all the busyness of the season is over, I'm hauling out the olde scrap bag! Merry Christmas!


  3. I like the intertwining hearts, beautiful.

  4. Your home looks very welcoming and your quilting is delightful.

  5. To me, the addition of quilted pieces adds so much to the coziness of a room. Also, love the valances.

  6. I can't believe I haven't commented on this. Doh!

    What a lovely quilt - Howard and Dawn are sure to love it.

    I love those floral valences - a pattern just to my taste.

    The stitching on that beautiful chair pad is divine. You have given me some inspiration. Just need the time . . .

    Have a wonderful Christmas with your nearest and dearest - I shall think of you. Jennie xx

  7. sending christmas wishes sharon! hope its all you wish for

    leanne xx

  8. I am green with envy and rich with appreciation for the lovely work you do. Quilts are beautiful, and I do enjoy your postings...