Thursday, December 30, 2010

An Almost Balmy Day

When we woke this morning and opened the curtains we realized there had been rain in the night.
Lingering traces of roadside snow were washed away.
This was the temperature [F.] at about 11 a.m.
J. took the photo as the old thermometer is fastened high on the side wall in the carport.

There was a boisterously playful wind for much of the day.
The bird feeder bounced on its wire hanger.

Much of the remaining seed landed on the ground.
The juncos will enjoy picking it up.

Goldfinches found the mesh cylinder which holds niger seed.
They are beautiful birds, even in their winter olive-drab.

New growth of catnip flourishing at the edge of the wooden barrel planter.
The cats relished some, fresh-picked.

Is it our imagination, or has the lawn greened up from the snow and rain?
There is mildly squelchy mud in places and that earthy scent which I have before associated with early spring in New England.

I don't know the name of this wiry shrub which grows in the corner of the garden fence.
There are abundant crimson berries but the birds seem to take no notice.

It was so pleasant outside that I couldn't settle to inside chores [in spite of 'dust kitties' floating about]
so put on my wellies and tramped along the boundary fence and about the dooryard.
These twisted vines caught my eye. Not sure what they are as the honeysuckle is usually evergreen.  I'll have to remember to look when there are green leaves again.

This may be a dead cedar--there is white cedar scattered through the adjoining woodlot.
I was looking out today for interesting textures and shapes.

Goldenrod seed fluff.

This dooryard maple still has clinging leaves.
Their texture is not crisp, more like a stiffened fabric.

Sun slanting across the yard to the north.

Honeysuckle rampaging over a dormant shrub.

The ground under the magnolia tree is thick with fallen cones.

Pods on the redbud, black shapes against late afternoon sky.


  1. You almost make me wish for an English winter -- but no -- the plants, leaves and twigs are beautiful and it's fun looking for signs of new growth, but today it was 70 degrees. How could i miss that?

  2. Thank you so much for visiting my blog, I just love your cats. How many have you got, I though I was mad with 5, (was 7 at one time) but we wouldn't be without them, they are out life.
    I wish a happy new year to you and your family and look forward to visiting your blog more often in 2011

  3. I really enjoyed this tour on your balmy day. I can almost feel being there tramping around with you. Thank you.

    Have a wonderful 2011.


  4. So you're having a Heat Wave for the New Year! We've had almost 30 inches of snow here, sure wish it would melt away like yours did!

    Happy 2011 to you and all the kitties!