Friday, December 31, 2010


Its not that Willis really wants to come inside.
He has popped through the kitchen door a number of times and then seemed rather daunted at being in unfamiliar territory.
He is a plucky little cat, but faced with several spitting, combative householders, he hastily  asks to be allowed back outside.
The girl kittens, Sadie and Sally, sometimes hop onto the stone step outside the dining room glass door, but their curiosity is brief.
We suspect that Willis likes to aggitate.
J. opened the sliding door a few inches this afternoon to let in the fresh sunny air.
Willis poked his face close to the crack from the ouside; Teasel mounted guard on the inside.

Teasel has been poking a deft stripey paw around the edge of the door.
Willis responds by smacking the screen, claws out.

Teasel is a very intelligent cat who takes her household responsibilities seriously.
She clearly feels that Willis is an upstart!

Both cats have their ears at the alert.
Teasel is emitting a simmering noise, rather like a teakettle coming to the boil.

The poking continues.
J. summoned to watch, says, "Stop those cats before they tear the screen!"
I close the door and Teasel stalks away, muttering, with tail inflated.
Willis, with the feline equivalent of a shrug, strolls off to monitor the bird feeder.


  1. That is so cute, though not cute when they snag the screens.
    Mine do that when my feral outside cats come up on the porch to eat.

  2. I should imagine a few choice swear words were uttered by Teasel! At least they don't have a proper bout of fisticuffs.


  3. It was these kind of indoor outdoor relationships that set Bailey off into his bad habits. He was just overly territorial. Poor boy. I still miss him. I love the shelter cats, some more than others, but it's not the same. I got a sort of 'tentative possibly' from the boss about having another cat soon! So I am keeping my fingers crossed.