Sunday, March 28, 2010

Rainy Sunday

Rain off and on today after a few cracks of thunder in the night. The grass seems to grow by the hour.
We had an errand at Wal Mart this morning and I brought home three packs of viola tricolor--each pack a different color blen--to plant in with the daffodils.
Our nephew will have to leave after a late dinner--taking the "connection to the world" with him!
I go through spurts of energy trying to get some of our belongings settled--a bit awkward since things will have to be moved when we put down new flooring and install the new kitchen cabinets and stove.
J. is anxious to "turn the ground" and begin planting, but it is still too wet.
I walked out around the boundaries late yesterday afternoon--found a straggling wild rose briar up on the back line fence.
There is a bird wanting to build a nest on the front porch--which we wish could be politely discouraged. You'd think the cats could get up in view and discourage any homesteading bird!  These are very spoiled housecats whom I never let out in Wyoming as there were too many hazards.
The novel event of the day happened a few minutes ago when J and Douglas called me to the front window to watch two of the neighborhood Amish buggies going by--probably on their way to or from church services which are traditionally held in members' homes.  They were quite obviously RACING their horses.
I expect Pebbles spied them trotting by--perhaps her old brief career as a sulky-pulling race horse came to her memory!
Sunshine peeking feebly through the tree branches, tiny leaf buds on the big unidentified shrub ouside the dining room door.
Now, if only I can have home internet, I shall be content!


  1. Oh this must be SO frustrating for you - I no I panic when our internet fails. What is needed to get you up-and-running? Have I missed a post when you explained all this?

    Your post was so calm and homely; made me realise there is more to life than the current permanent panic I always seem to be in these days. So thankyou for sharing your day with us - and I love the image you describe of the Amish RACING!

  2. I hope you get home internet soon as we will miss all your posts. Have fun planting your flower beds. Look forward to the next chapter and photos ...when you are able xx

  3. Rain here today after a beautiful sunny day -the first in ages - yesterday. It's been a day of quiet tidying of plant pots {before the rain} and recycling of rubbish and an afternoon DVD movie.

    Simple pleasures quietly taken.

    A good day.


  4. I loved the seven years we lived in Kentucky. There were Amish families nearby. We would go and buy handmade baskets and breads. I hope your unpacking goes well and you get some rest.


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