Saturday, March 27, 2010

Pebbles and the Cats

The wind is blowing and just wiped out the wireless connection taking with it a post I was writing.
The update on Pebbles is that she stood the trip very well.  J and Howard took turns walking her every night and morning. By the final day she was obviously tired of travel, not wanting to return to the confinement of the horse trailer, though being a biddable horse she did so.
There are no fences here, so J quickly put up an electric fence when we arriverd to make a small enclosure.  Pebbles pounded around and around, tossing her head and flaunting her tail.  She was so over-joyed to be free!
The cats have learned where the warmest places are in the cottage at every hour of the day and night. The windowsills here are not wide enough to accomodate a lounging cat so they have to be content with a spot on the floor on a nest in a chair or sofa.
The sun is shining through the budding branches of the red maples, the wind tossing them makes shadows on the table where I am writing and dapples light and   shade over Teasel's stripey coat.  She is settled in a chair by the table and periodically reminds me that we used to have TEA at this time of day.  We are trying to wean the cats from the habit of canned food twice a day.  They have been fine until today when Teasel remembered the old routine and started a most eloquent pleading fuss.
I was able to get online and use my Jackson and Perkins gift certificates.  I am looking forward to the arrival of two yellow Simplicity roses, a collection of vintage hollyhocks and lily of the valley pips.
Running through my mind at intervals is a phrase from Psalms: "the lines have fallen to me in pleasant places."


  1. So glad pebbles is sorted with a safe area to frolic in. Cats are so clever about finding warm spots ....I used to wonder why Smudge curled up, on the same spot in the middle of the upstairs landing. I thought he was perverse and wanted me to trip over him ... until I walked over the spot in bare feet ... a hot water pipe ran there under the floor boards.
    Enjoy all your new plants and bushes ... dont let either of you work too hard ...there is no rush xx

  2. How nice that everyone is settling in...Pebbles' expression of her feeling of freedom sounds delightful to watch. I have perches under three windows and bookcases under two others, so that the cats can lounge and look out the windows at the same time.

  3. I think of that phrase often as I sit out on the patio -- or curl up by the fire. I wonder what made you decide to wean the cats off canned food twice a day. My ONE cat gets 1 and 1/2 per day. A book I was just reading this week recommended jars of baby food, of beef.

    Glad you are all settling in.

  4. How wonderful to hear that the move went well and you are all safely arrived and settling in.

    A small table or low bookcase next to a window goes a long way toward improving kitty sunbathing and viewing of the great outdoors. We just have to accept that this is THEIR territory, and none of our various objets will be tolerated upon it.

    I'm looking forward to hearing about your gardening and exploring adventures, and happy that you found such a nice place to live.

  5. Amazing - out of curiosity I typed in yellow Simplicity roses and got taken straight to the Jackson and Perkins website!! Oooh, vintage hollyhocks - what colours please? Mine get rust here, but I may plant some out of badness this summer! I am presuming the house isn't going to sell overnight (but dear Lord, please feel free to surprize me!)

    I can imagine Pebbles thought it was her birthday once she was loose again. Bless her, she must have been so tired on arrival, having to stand all the way - it's bad enough travelling sitting down!

    I think your new home sounds just right and in the fullness of time I am sure the windowsills will have cat-extensions fitted . . . How long before you think you can dare let them out? (I am picking your brains here, for our cat situation when we move).

    Haste ye back with the Internet.

  6. Very pleased to hear how well Pebbles travelled and how happy she is in her new home. Knowing that she has had laminitis, I was a bit anxious about her as it is hard on the legs to stand and keep your balance in a trailer over such a distance. She sounds such a good natured mare.