Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The View From Kentucky

March 18th, the day of departure from Wyoming.  It was a windy raw day.  I was pleased to see the Canadian geese on the icy pond even as the storm rolled down from the mountains.
We stopped in Riverton for a late lunch as snow began to fall.  Pebbles in her trailer is behind the motor home.  Old Snort'n Nort'n was hauling the heavy van with oddments piled on the body of the truck.
Son Howard pulled his horse trailer loaded with J's tools behind the red Dodge.  It was a grueling trip through three days of blizzard and high winds which battered the vehicles and our nerves.
J. and nephew Matt supervise Howard in putting up the new mailbox.
A neighbor stopped to introduce himself and stayed to talk with the men as they worked on the mailbox.
This was taken a week ago before the weather warmed up.
Pebbles needs a beauty treatment but J. hasn't found time to give her a good currying.
Our old welcome sign is a bit the worse for wear, but one of the men put it right up on the garage.
The existing weathervane has an Amish buggy.
One of the first things J. did was buy a tractor!
A misty morning with one of the Cardinals in a shrub outside the dining room window.
The cats  have several new species of birds to admire.


  1. What lovely photos. I am getting a sense of place of your new home already. I wish to heck it would warm up here - we are back to blizzards up in Scotland/N.Ireland and have had snow flurries/sleet/hailstones here. Where's SPRING gone?

    Pebbles looks happy anyway. Nice to know that the new neighbours are introducing themselves.

  2. You all are definitely starting to settle in! Nice that a neighbor stopped by to chat while the guys were putting up the mailbox...on what looks like a brand new cedar post! (Are those dairy cows next door?) I like how the land rolls away from the front of your house, but i'm confused by what looks like a sidewalk down to light post and then it just stops? You mentioned in your other post a bird trying to make a nest on your porch...have a feeling with no further information that it's a house wren! J's new Massy Ferguson is he's been out there planting potatoes already!

  3. So great to hear from you ...wonderful photos. J seems to be happy with his tractor ...what are you getting? ...a craft room lol
    So pleased you are settling in and you are beginning to make it your homexx

  4. I wish I had a craft room--my one fault finding with the little cottage.
    There are cows pastured next field over which gives Pebbles an interest in life beyond "hollering" at us each time we walk by.
    Isn't that odd--the cement path that stops in the middle of the yard? We were given an ariel photo of the house taken shortly after it was built in 1980--J. says maybe they ran short of concrete before the path could connect with the driveway [?]


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