Friday, March 26, 2010

Here in Kentucky

Arrived in Kentucky on Sunday afternoon, in light rain which was wonderful after battling snow and high winds for three days across the great plains.
I am amazed to find that daffodils grow "wild" here--great swaths of them at the edges of meadows, along ditches, around old abandoned homesteads. In our dooryard are double daffodils, and an array of shrubery, not all of which I can yet identify.
Before our son left on his return journey he installed a new washer and dryer in the basement, helped J. pull out the antiquated laundry units, moved in enough   furniture to be comfortable.  It was difficult to see him leave for "home" back in Wyoming.
The cats have stopped hiding and trembling and are watching bluebirds and cardinals from the windows.
The front porch is overflowing with boxes, furniture [we have too much for this little cottage!] is standing in odd places.
I've have called twice about phone and internet service and I'm getting mixed messages about installation.  the latest guess is April 5th before the phone company can come out.
One of our nephews is here for the weekend --a truckdriver on his last independent run which brought him to Kentucky.  He walked in carrying a "notebook" with some sort of anywhere wireless connection and the announcement, "Aunt Sharon, I have brought you the world at your fingertips!"
So, yes, we are here, spring is happening, and I know I will love being here. This little farmstead already gives me a sense of home and place.
Lots of work to do both inside and outdoors and we are ready to begin, although a bit short on energy these few days. I made out a huge nursery order at J's request--dwarf fruit trees and berry bushes to add to what is already here.
I look forward to internet connection at some point --SOON-- and will catch up with all I have missed at my favorite blogs!


  1. Fantastic news you're finally in your new place. A new beginning with lots to look forward to.

    Been thinking about you and hoping all was well..

    Congratulations and best wishes to you both.

    Awrra best......Al

  2. HOORAY!!! You are BACK! I have so missed hearing what you've been up to. It sounds like you have great plans for planting up an orchard and soft fruit area and I can't wait to hear what sorts of things you are planting.

    I am sure you will all sort out and shake down in the fullness of time. I hope that the cats soon settle in. It must be difficult keeping them confined until they recognize this as their new home.

  3. Oh and how is Pebbles settling in? Have you had to do some fencing pronto, or was there some pasture fenced off already?

    Love the wild daffodils - it sounds like parts of Herefordshire where they grow by the acre (and used t do even more so until "progress" came along . . .) We have very few wild "Tenby" daffodils still remaining along the lanes and wood margins here, but they are worth looking for.

  4. Yay, what a relief to read that you have arrived safely! Great that your son was able to help install the new washer and dryer and haul away the old ones. Those naturalized daffodils and lilac bushes too are sometimes the only clue that a homestead was here or there. I wish you much health and happiness in your new home...try to take it easy as for as unpacking, setting up,'ll be there for a while!

  5. Oh be happy - it sounds as if you will be - and wild daffodils; I was writing about them this very morning. And what joy to be ordering fruit trees and berry bushes. I will follow your new journey with such interest - and thankyou for sharing.

  6. So glad you have arrived safely -- now I can stop holding my breath! The weather on the news sounded terrible for your journey. Now comes the fun part -- all the fixing up to make things like you want them.

  7. Wonderful to hear from you again!
    Your new homestead sounds so beautiful and what a special time of year to arrive there.

    All good wishes for many happy years in your new Kentucky home.

  8. So happy you are able to let us know you have arrived safely sounds idyllic but hard work.I am so looking forward to reading your advetures as a Kentucky Homesteader.

    So glad the cats are settling ...birds are a great distraction. How is pebbles?

    Take Care ..lots of love xx

  9. well, you are there finally!! You must be so happy, and so relieved the journey is over, and the catsd are settling. And a welcome of daffodils too- lovely!!

    I wish you much happiness in your new home, love, light and blessings from Leanne x