Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Hurried Post

No time for anything sensible or creative today.  More appointments, the dump run, hopefully the stop to buy the seeds.
I have to laugh at the idea of J enjoying a country rooster's wake-up call.  For some reason he finds the sound of a nearby rooster irritating and has a predjudice against the sound of whip-poor-wills as well!
One of the things I think we'll enjoy in our new location is the clop-clopping of the Amish horses pulling buggies as several of them will be neighbors. Pebbles will ikely be  inspired to dash along her pasture fence trying to make new friends.
Continued improvement in the cat's colds and no new cases.
The sun is shining and drying up the mud.
All of your comments and encouragements are treasured.
I trust that as soon as we arrive and I have home internet I can reward you all with beautiful photos of spring in the Bluegrass State--and much more cheerful  and inspiring thoughts!
Meanwhile may I recommend that if anyone contemplates a move to a new home they start packing about a year in advance!


  1. A good positive day. Better than hours (plea for loan from building society looking unlikely now . . .) BUT Tam is home. Yippee! And she and J home permanently in 6 mths' time. I hope all your final arrangements go according to plan. Pebbles will be VERY happy to see all those hunky Amish horses :)

  2. good luck with the final move.....

    take care.....Al.

  3. So glad the cats are improoving ...probably the cold temps and stress.
    Forgot to say ...from the last post ...I love starlings too. Their colouring is just like petrol poured on water. A flock can cover a tree and the noise is deafening but I am still fascinated by them.
    Glad out best wishes spur you on.xx

  4. Glad the cats are doing better. I can't imagine having that many cats, all with colds!