Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Made it to the garden center for a lovely half hour choosing seeds with my gift certificate.  I worked in a green house during the transplanting season years ago.  Today the humid warmth in the hot houses and the scent of potting soil and tender green plants brought back pleasant memories.  I took time to walk along the paths which in a few months will be bordered with potted perennials and shrubs. Behind one of the hot houses were the peonies which had been potted up in the fall and then wintered over under a heap of wood shavings. They were uncovered to the warmth, but none had sprouted.  I looked at the tags and saw they were new varieties and I'm more interested in heirloom flowers.
Yes, QC, White Flower farms is the ultimate in wish books, and indeed, pricey.  Hopefully I can collect good plants a few at a time.  Will definitely try local sources [in KY] on-line as well as urseries I can visit.
I also bought today collapsable dog cages which can be used to transport the cats.  And cat litter--and cat food--and bottled water.
Space  in the vans is becoming tight and I have been warned I may have to part with or store some items.  How to choose?
Books, antiques, CATS, fabric and such have priority. The laptop is behaving annoyingly tonight.  Maybe its me--not sitting up straight and sort of leaning on the keyboard!


  1. I hope your cats settle down and sleep while you're driving. Mine never stops yowling from the moment he is in the car.

  2. oh what a dialemma, the what to keep, what to ditch problem. I hope you can store some belongings with a friend until you are settled.
    As I was reading I could smell the hot house, hard to define, earthy, sweet, absolutely unique!

  3. What a shame you weren't able to take your heirloom Peonies with you. I wonder if the new owners would mind your daughter digging them up and posting them to you when the ground has thawed sufficiently? I am sure they would understand the history of them.

    I need to get some seeds started off today, so will ask Tam to give me a hand later on. It is very much milder today (rained overnight) so they stand more of a chance.

  4. Sounds as though you managed to relax for half an hour while reliving memories. I hope you dont have to get rid of anymore of your bits ...lets hope they can be stored for a while. Take Care xx

  5. Maybe I can send you some from VT

  6. I hope your moving trip is going well, and that you had a wonderful birthday yesterday! It's almost 70 degrees here in Virginia, my earliest daffodils have started to bloom, my forsythia are being startled into bloom, and the cardinals are singing...i suspect you'll find the same weather in Kentucky...yep, it's Spring!