Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bits and Pieces

Time is running out at the library today, the only place I can set up the laptop and work. 

I have several weighty essays keeping me awake at night as I compose them lying in the dark, but no time to work through one and get it out of my head and onto the screen.

The cats, although joyful at our return, have gotten the sniffles, likely from being moved into the cabin and crouching mournfully on the cold floors under the bed.  They look at us bleary-eyed, sneeze on us, but then cuddle up with stuffy purrs wanting to be comforted.

I'm watching their progress carefully wondering if a vet visit must be added to the frantic "to do" list in the next few days.  None of the cases seem to be life threatening,  no one has stopped eating.  They are rather like small children who don't know yet how to blow noses, and present a rather "snotty" appearance.
Pebbles is acting absolutely coltish since our return.  She adores J. and although some of her enthusiasm when we drive into the yard if food based [poor starving horse!] she has had a great deal to say to him and rushes at the fence with whinnies and whickers.

We tackled the storage shed and old barn yesterday, reuniting with some items which I had forgotten I owned but was immediately sure were cherished enough to be crammed into the moving process.
J. drove over South Pass and stayed Thursday night with Howard and Heidi and rumbled back yesterday morning with their large horse trailer.  The trailer is not meant to transport Pebbles who will have to be content with our humbler and smaller trailer.  It is meant to hold the overflow of household goods and J's many and expensive tools.

I do have to remind myself that the house we just sold is no longer ours and the new owners have every right to do it up to their own taste.  That is exactly what we will be doing in the little cottage--painting and some renovating, adding to the gardens which are already there. But, I haven't quite detached from this place yet, so feel a bit like some poor waif gazing from the humble cabin toward the lights of the "big house!"

Wyoming has been a huge change for me this past dozen years, as we were both bred and born in New England. South Central Kentucky where we are headed provides a landscape that seems almost familiar with its beautiful hardwood trees, green fields and historic buildings in every town square.

I think we're glad that the renovation of the land and cottage were untaken before we found it.  Much "dirty work" has been accomplished both inside and out. We caught it just in time to prevent new carpets going down.  We prefer wood or tile floors.  {If you think of many cats hawking hairballs on carpet, you understand!}
The encouraging words from my readers and "followers" during this hectic and exhausting time are so appreciated. There is the too well known physical work of packing and cleaning, the lack of time to rest and --at this point--the guest cabin is so cluttered with cats and belongings that merely being there isn't inspiring.

A friend pointed out that our designated day of leave-taking [Thursday] is also my birthday!  I was greatly surprised to hear that!

One of the nicest things on my "do before we leave" list is to drive to the local garden center and spend the gift certificate given to me by loving church members when my Dad died last fall.  I can choose veg and flower seeds with happy glee knowing that they will all grow where we are headed.

In the dark hours of listening to the cats wheeze, while trying to give J enough of the bed space so that he can sleep well, I conjure memories of spice pinks [were these the gilliflowers of English books?] lavender, scented thymes [Thank you, Angie, for reminding me of lemon thyme!] catnip to dry for the cats.  J. is eloquent on the subject of sweet corn, tomatoes, cucumbers--and the anticipation of planting good pasture grass to make hay for Pebbles.
Its all about holding on to enthusiasm and stamina at this point! 


  1. I am so sorry the cats are not well ...I've never known cats with colds ...if you have had it before I would let time heal but if not I think I would take them to the vet as they have a long journey and a big change a head. Happy Birthday for your moving day lol ...we are both pisces is interesting that we share a lot of similar loves....maybe this star sign thingy has something to it. Take Care xx

  2. Hope you won't have to include a trip to the vet on top of everything else you have to do! Sounds like one or more of the cats is a virus carrier and now that they're all stressed, they've all got symptoms! If you have some l-Lysine, that should help boost their immune systems. As long as they're all eating and drinking o.k., though, it seems like there's not to much to worry about.

    Gilliflowers are indeed pinks or dianthus...i love their spicy fragrance! Found this fun article when i was doublechecking myself like pinks were early planted and loved by American settlers. How nice that you will be buying seeds with the gift from your church friends, and a sweet remembrance of your father.

    In case you (or i!) don't get to check your blog before Thursday--happy birthday, and safe travels!!

  3. Oh do I understand the need for hard wood floors!!! And you, poor waif that you are and the waif-kitties with the sniffles...and Pebbles needing J and all the rest you have to do...oh my goodness! It would be beyond me!

  4. Hope that the pussums soon get over their sniffles. Several of ours had colds back in January, but didn't need the vet. Once this house is sold, I would hate to see what folks might do in the way of "improvements". we hope too sell it to people who are sympathetic to old houses, with history, and won't make it look like some New York apartment by way of "modernization". It has survived thus far by being tenant-farmered and only the basics spent on it. They only stopped using the little Ty Bach straddling the stream back in the late 1970s when indoor sanitation was available on a Council grant . . .

    I am sure you and J will have the greatest pleasure in choosing seeds to plant and raise at your new home. A shame you will be spending your birthday on the road, but hope you will celebrate in style once you arrive at the other end.

    I wish that Keith would tackle the cart shed (his old workshop). You can scarce get in the door for "junk" and yet this is the building he vowed he would clear out (about this time last year in fact) on "the first fine day" . . . yeah, sure . . .