Thursday, March 11, 2010


Back in Wyoming to the usual March medley of mud, melting ice, new dustings of snow.  All is chaos in the little cabin--too full of boxes and unsorted belongings, thronged with needy felines.
I'm perched in a corner of the computer lab at the local library, with J's laptop on my lap--which contrarily is not a comfortable way to write.
We have some serious business to attend to before leaving in a week.  There is also [groan] the storage shed and the old barn to sort.
I'll be coming into the library as I have time--I daresay I could spread myself out on a table in the main area and be a bit more comfortable to type and read.
It's getting dark and I'm driving the red truck, so want to get back promptly to the cabin.  Driving the truck is not an issue, but the big water tank is on the back and I'm one of those people who prefer looking behind me to judge a back-up space rather than relying on the side mirrors.
So, back through the mud to the place that is no longer home.
The new owners have painted my kitchen terra cotta and the wainscoating is no longer barn red, but greem.  The bathroom which J. labored to finish and paint is now a brilliant shade of pink. We know this because he went in yesterday to change a door lock and a switch plate.
Oh well, we shall be soon putting our own stamp on the Kentucky cottage.  Its just the getting there that seems a hurdle!


  1. Hullo MM,

    It must be hard to see a place lived in changed so quickly. Shame you have to be around to see the changes - a pink bathroom? - but not for too long.

    nice to hear from you.


  2. I think it's rather a shame that the new owners have put their stamp on your house that quickly...then again, the best time to paint is before one moves in. You sound like you're weary...hope you can carve out a bit of time to rest and cuddle with those needy kitties before the big push to finish packing and actually move. Amusingly enough, my new boss is in KY today...she's from there originally and i guess there's some kind of big basketball tournament on or something so she went there for it. Lots of pride in University of Kentucky...i follow a fellow in Unalaska, Alaska's blog who's from KY and between dealing with March snowstorms and amazing wind, he's pride of his home team.

  3. It must be hard to be at halfway house with your move, not quite out of the old one and not quite in the new. It won't be long though and then you'll have the whole summer ahead to start making your new house and garden just as you want it.

  4. An early good morning! I am sitting in bed with my laptop on my knee which is a whole lot more comfortable than the picture of you perched in a library - I should definitely spread yourself on a table. I hope all goes well in the new week; it must be so depressing to have to go back into what was your home and see it changed but as you say you can look forward to making your new place your own. I have gotten myself all mixed up as to where you are moving (somehow I thought it was New England). I must look at the map and sharpen up my USA geography. Have a good week anyway.

  5. Glad you're safely home, but it sounds like there is much work to be doing to facilitate your move (Lord help us when we get to that stage here!) Ah, a bright pink bathroom . . . hmmm. Each to their own I suppose! I still have several rooms to redecorate but might be cracking on with those today. I have one wall in our bedroom to do to - the one with the wardrobes against!, so it is on the back burner : )

    I bet those cats of yours are in heaven now you're home again.

  6. In the grand scheme of things your hunt for a new home went very soothly and the fact that you will be in it,in a week or so, is amazimg.
    This final week of bits will probably be the most exausting ever but think of the prize at the end, I will be thinking of you every step of the way ....willing you on.

    Did you not hate it that they changed everything ...I'd have prefered not to know. When I moved up here, only the kitchen didn't need work done in my old house was a year old, was modern and cost me an arm and a leg to have done as I was not intending to move at the time ... they ripped it out ....a friend let me know even though I said dont tell me anything !!!!! ...I cried.

    I wish you loads of energy for the next part ...will be thinking about you xxxx

  7. I know this feeling well. My husband of 39 years...throughout the course of those years...bought and sold 9 homes. It was hard to put heart and soul into it and move on...until the next challenge with its rewards. I found you on Codlins and Cream and am enjoying your blog.


    My blog Thinking About It:

  8. I'm with you, windows for reversing please, not bitty mirrors.
    I understand how you feel about your old home. We sold our last house to some people we knew and she was always telling me how she was cutting down my apple tree and breaking up my greenhouse, it was horrible!


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