Tuesday, April 23, 2024

April Flowers

Redbud in bloom--now only a memory until another spring.

I don't recall that yellow violets were in such profusion during other years. These flourished through cold and rainy weather. 

Oxalis--it opens in the cool of morning, folds its petals during sunny afternoons. 

The green umbrellas of May-apple. I noticed today that the small white blossoms are beginning to open--they grow at the base of the plants, difficult to capture in a photo.

Like the redbud, the lilacs have had their brief and fragrant time. 

Long-spurred violet, viola rostrata. This is the first year I've found these on the property--a clump of them in the wooded edge of the north ravine.

Oxalis, folded for the afternoon.

Iris opening outside the lower level window.

Clematis Dr. Ruppel in first flush of bloom. 

Clematis, Samaritan Jo

My favorite, vintage Candida.

Photos taken and loaded into a draft a week ago. I intended being more faithful to the blog this month, especially as April brings such exuberant bloom to our area.
I've been taking photos with my new iphone 11--the process of transferring them to a post was a mystery. These are from my faithful point and shoot Canon.
Thanks to the tech expertise of my grandson, I may be advancing on the learning curve and hope to share better photos.



  1. My Dr Ruppel appears to have snuffed it over the winter. Hmmm. Will take it out of the pot and transplant elsewhere in the hope it may grow after all. Your garden plantings are looking pretty, especially the Candida clematis. Hope you don't get any late frosts. I had to put fleece over some tender new growth in the garden yesterday (Fig tree for starters) and cover seedlings in the greenhouse.

    1. Jennie; I bought two new clematis last year in spite of not having room to plant them into the ground. They wintered in the greenhouse in their big pots. I lost one, the other, a miniature, is thriving and in bud. Late frost, is still a possibility--its happened other years in mid-May.

  2. I am not blogging much these days, but always try to stop by Mornings Minion, now and then, to see what’s going on in your beautiful gardens. Hilltop Post

    1. Mary; I've looked for your posts. For years I was a more faithful blogger than I've been lately.

  3. Your Clematis is beautiful. I have so many of the small, wild violets scattered everywhere this year.

    1. Michelle; I'm intrigued that each year brings a slightly different collection of wildflowers.

  4. Your flowers are way ahead of ours. I noticed violets starting to bloom and the big old lilac has flowers too far up for me to reach. So much to notice every day.