Sunday, May 9, 2021

Cats and Clematis

I loaded these photos Wednesday evening thinking I would include an essay.
My photo program is particularly balky lately, the photos seeming to land in odd files and taking an annoying amount of time to locate and sort.
So, few words, but hoping you'll enjoy our felines and the flowers.

Robert, 'speaking' to me from the west retaining wall.

Edward [who is spending more time outside as he has taken to stalking Clancy when in the house.]

Willis can be counted on to appear with offers of assistance for any outdoor task.

'No, I don't want to smile for the camera!'


A gathering of cats waiting to offer companionship.
Edward, Shelby, Willis, Nellie.

Duchess of Edinburgh.


Samaritan Jo has managed to twine around the Duchess.  I didn't intend that to happen, but too late to unravel the vines.

Newly planted Jackmani.

Duchess of Edinburgh--very bouffant blooms.

Edita. [Chosen in memory of my late friend, Edie Robie]

Samaritan Jo.



  1. What lovely Clematis (esp. the white double). Now I don't feel quite so guilty at having bought about a dozen when Morrisons were offering them at £2 a hit! They are a true delight. I have seen several rampant pink Montana (rubens) in our travels recently. Planted in the right spot they are a delight. I left a good one behind at Ynyswen.

    Lovely to see the cats keeping you company - as ours do here, especially Ghengis, who is so like Willis, very faithful.

    I have found out the cause of my aching leg muscles now - it is because I am gardening on a steep bank and need to face across it and not up it as that puts extra strain on my legs . . . Dozo.

  2. I definitely did enjoy your "felines and flowers." My favorite is Samaritan Jo. Wow!


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