Monday, June 5, 2017

Communication Resumes

Bobby Mac is intent on butterflies flitting just out of reach.

Two weeks ago today I took my desktop PC to the electronics shop in town for servicing and updating. Prior to that I loaded a few photos, saving them as drafts, thinking I could use my laptop to add text and keep my blog alive.
By the third day the always recalcitrant laptop was malfunctioning, the keyboard flinging out rows of "8" or "5", then freezing completely.
Each time we had an errand in town we stopped to inquire when my PC might be ready. Vague replies of, 'Tomorrow, about closing time," proved to be unfounded.
I used Jim's laptop a few times to check email, etc, but decided that being off-line could serve as good discipline.
By the time my refurbished PC was collected late on Friday life had been moving on for nearly two weeks; garden flowers had blossomed, had their day, others were taking their place, my days had been filled.

I worked in the garden, assisted by a retinue of cats. 
Willis has a way of concealing himself beneath a sprawling rose bush or lurking in a vegetable row, suddenly popping out to take a more active role. He approves of the brick path.

Sally, who has always been an outdoor cat, has developed a testy personality.
Bullied by Willis in his youth, Sally has become the resident troll, hissing and slapping at any cat who walks past. She tends to hover when I am watering or fussing over the seedlings on the side porch; she pushes at my hands, huffs if I stroke her, stomps about getting in the way.

Willis has always displayed a mixture of charm and arrogance.
We have hoped that his adventure several months ago [riding off in the back of someone's truck] had cured him of such wander-lust tendencies. His slight limp remains a reminder of that upset.
When a friend stopped by Saturday evening with plants for me, Willis clambered onto the tailgate of her truck and had to be fished out of the back: lesson not learned!

Edward is less often outside with me.  He is amiable and lazy, more inclined to land heavily on my lap when I am at my desk.

Willis is partial to the sun-warmed timber of the lower retaining wall.  From this vantage point he can watch the lane in case any of the neighbor cats should venture beyond the boundaries he has stipulated; he can keep an eye of Jim's doings in the workshop adjacent to the garden; 

In its second year the autumn-flowering clematis has climbed the trellis and galloped along the fence.
I trust it will bloom in late summer.

A frilled poppy.

The poppies self-sow randomly, often getting in the way of other plants.
I leave them in place until the seed pods ripen.

Kale, Swiss chard and beets have grown abundantly in the rich compost which Jim hauled in last fall.
We eat greens, give them away, sometimes even feed them to the neighbor's goats! 

Fortunately we are fond of beets!  I wrap them in foil and roast them in the oven.

Rain began Sunday evening and has continued at intervals through the day.
It has been a gentle soaking rain--the best kind--but enough that weeding and planting will have to be done from the brick walk-way or what can be reached from the retaining wall.

A meandering post, to serve as a reminder of late May tipping into June.


  1. Sally definitely looks as though she's ready to pick a fight with someone and you'll have to watch that rascal Willis, can't have him riding off again, such a worry.
    Lovely soothing post.

    1. Briony; We're not sure why Sally has become such a witch--her sister, Sadie, disappeared last summer--perhaps that caused her to be more aggressive.
      Willis's tendency to 'joy rides' has indeed been an ongoing worry. We hoped he had learned his lesson. [Sigh]

  2. Good to see you back in circulation Sharon. We only realize how much we rely on computers when they go wrong or have to be away for lengthy repairs. Mind you, then we normally get lots of work done without the distraction of the internet . . .

    My garden is galloping into summer now - apples forming, berries green on the bushes (I hope I beat the birds to them this year), roses coming into bloom - and after 24 hours of heavy rain, going over quickly too.

    I loved hearing about your cats, as always - they have such personalities. Every time I see Edward I think it is a photo of Little Whale! He is currently in the sun on a windowsill, looking out at the birds in the apple tree.

    A letter will wing its way to you in due course and I'll send a postcard from Devon this week.

    1. Jennie; Isn't it a marvel that so many cats in the world look like Edward and Little Whale! It must be a very dominant genetic pattern.
      We've had exactly the right weather to set gardens 'galloping'--weeds and all. Taking on too much garden seems to be an addiction!

  3. Glad you got your computer sorted, my new one arrived and I've been adding bookmarks. Mac has been working on my old one hoping to be able to retrieve my photos, but he's not hopeful. Envy you all the cats, we just have one, but we travel so much more than that wouldn't be practical.

    1. Janet; My PC had to be 'wiped' completely to remove a 'trojan'--but the tech guy backed up my files and reinstalled. A few of my saved links didn't make the transfer [?] and I've needed to tweak a few things, but I'm relieved to be done with that balky laptop.
      I don't think we've ever had 'just one' cat--they seem to accumulate!

  4. You have quite a way with words and I enjoy your posts so much. Now I am envious of all your growth...we are having a cold start to summer and everything a little delayed. Beets are so good for you; enjoy! All your kitties are very lucky to have such pretty surroundings to explore.

    1. Jocelyn; I'm pleased that you enjoy my posts. Writing has always been a way for me to process.
      Our spring has been cooler than some years--very pleasant. This begins our 8th summer in Kentucky. Each year has been different in terms of weather, but we know that summer, when it gets here, will be hot and humid.

  5. That is very true what Jocelyn says, you write brilliantly. The great 'herd' of cats you keep keeps us amused, and your garden goes from strength to strength. It is lovely to keep up with you, glad your computer is sorted.

    1. Thelma; I'm part of that great company of people who enjoy finding words to portray everything from the weather to our daily lunch menu--its always been an ongoing litany in my head.
      The 'herd' of cats--we would be much tidier without them--no claw marks in upholstery, no fringe of cat hair on the curtains--but their companionship is irreplaceable.

  6. Oh, computers can be so frustrating, for sure! It's amazing how much time we have when we don't have them, though :) You have lots of sweet company to help you in the gardens, I see. Cats certainly have their own distinct personalities. I am down to one very old tabby now. At one time I had five and several ferals that I cared for. The vet bills are expensive so I am not getting any more for a while. Your gardens look very happy and prolific. I love beets! xx Karen

    1. Karen; It is indeed sobering to realize how much I accomplished without the lure of the computer--discipline needed!
      Caring for pets is certainly a large expense. I have to admit I've never gone looking for a 'replacement' cat--they 'turn up', usually more than one at a time!

  7. Wow! Your garden is looking amazing. Sometimes a break from the internet can be a good thing. I find I become more focused and in the moment!
    Oh Willis! What a lovely boy, but he clearly hasn't learnt his lesson. I hope he eventually learns to stay away from inside cars. My cats often sleep on the parcel shelf in my car and I've gone shopping with one in the back before now. Luckily I wasn't far from home when her face popped up in my rearview mirror!!!

    1. Kimberly; I must confess that I take careful photos of the garden's best bits--you don't see the pernicious nameless weeds which are causing me grief.
      Willis, more than any cat who has lived with us outdoors, simply MUST be in the middle of all that we do--he supervises.

  8. I am glad you're posting again, but I know how rewarding the break can be. I've taken a few lately and find I get a lot more done in a day if I stay away from electronics.