Monday, May 22, 2017


During my first year in Kentucky I ordered a variety of heirloom poppies from Select Seeds.
I saved the dried pods and sprinkled seeds throughout the gardens.
I brought saved seed when we moved to our current location.
Thus far the dominant poppy is 'Lauren's Grape'.
I'm hoping some of my favorite deep reds will yet bloom.
It may be time to order a few different kinds for next season.

Newly opened poppy--morning fresh.

A 'sugar bowl' effect.

Poppies are at their loveliest for a matter of hours.

My favorite of that morning's photos.

Too soon wind and rain damage the fragile petals.


  1. They are so lovely. I seem to have lost the big red poppies I once planted in my border (things disappear on a regular basis!) They can't always tolerate our poor acidic soil. The only ones that thrive here are the little Welsh poppies, which have finally spread everywhere (after I spent 3 years trying to get them to grow, and then abandoned the idea, whereupon I had dozens!

    It is a shame your big poppies are over so quickly. Like your beautiful Peonies.

  2. Pretty! I love poppies. Andrea

  3. I planted seeds for golden poppies the first year we were here and they were gorgeous. Have never been able to grow them again. Your heirloom one is beautiful.