Tuesday, January 24, 2017

January Moves Along

The weather has not changed since my last post. Grey and showery days continue with only an occasional brief view of the sun.
I went outside before 7 wanting [perversely] an armful of wood from the barn rather than that stacked in the side entry.
I noticed immediately that the air had a colder bite than recent days.
A fine mist prickled against my face.
I tended the small chores of feeding the outside cats, filling their water bowl, cleaning litter boxes for the indoor cats, sweeping up the inevitable firewood debris that collects around the stove.

There has been so little sunlight since Christmas that the second-planted amaryllis has stretched up and up before finally preparing to open.
From base of the stem to tip of the flower bud is just over 26 inches.

I'm wondering if the lanky stalk will bear the weight of the blooms as they open.

The amaryllis bulb against the dark window this evening.

On Sunday afternoon I took advantage of a break in the drizzle to pull on my boots and walk down the lane.
Our renters' grandchildren have been visiting and the little girl, H. was happily prodding with a stick at the gravel in the lane; when she overturned a stone which caught her fancy she handed it to her dad for safe-keeping.
We talked for a bit, then I trudged up the road and into the field we recently sold.
The ground oozed wet with each step resulting in a very squelchy walk to the creek.
I hadn't gone far when the sky darkened, the wind picked up and I felt the first tentative drops of rain.
Turning away from the surging brown waters of the creek I noticed a heart-shaped stone. 
I think it looks a bit like the face of an eagle or hawk--see the eyes and the beak?
Hurrying back, I stopped at the lower farmhouse to show the stone to H.
She claimed it and carried it off to her mom.

With so much gloomy weather there is little to do but keep the wood fire burning, read and sew.
Edward-the-cat is ever one to take advantage of warmth near the kitchen range.

The cats were somewhat disgruntled today when daughter Gina brought her Aussie, Tori, to visit. 
Tori is amiable but has most of the attributes of a child with ADHD!

We drove the mile up the ridge to the Beachy Amish store with Tori racketing in the back seat.
A new lot of goodies was delivered last evening and after a pleasant rummage in the huge walk-in cooler we came home with orange juice, gourmet cheeses and yogurt, as well as fresh eggs just washed and packaged. 
Some of the items on offer are in food service sized packages--a boon for the many large Amish and Mennonite families who shop there. 
We've learned over several months that some of the items sold in case lots don't work well for us.  We break down packages and rewrap some things for freezer storage. I am wanting a second fridge to put either in the basement or the back entry--J. thinks we need another freezer.  We shall see whose thinking prevails. 
The ruby grapefruit ordered through the Beachy's came in yesterday. 
We have an abundance of good food on hand
Gina has shared some of the yogurt and cheese with friends and has messaged me to drive back up the ridge in the morning to replace what she has given away.
This is not at all like grocery shopping at a supermarket as we never know what each delivery will offer.  Consistently there is a goodly selection of fine-quality cheese and yogurt, 
Jim and Matt have been excited over the Hebrew National brand of salami and 'franks.'

No break in the weather is forecast; on the contrary, we're told to expect several days and nights of colder temperatures.
It appears that we will plod on through the end of the month--thankful for a good supply of firewood and a well-stocked larder.


  1. Another enjoyable newsy letter from your neck of the woods. Right now it is 54 down here in s.e. FL. So nice to have chilly temps.

    Loved that heart rock. It was kind of you to give it to H.

    Wow, your amaryllis sure did stretch it's neck toward some light. Enjoy the colorful blooms.

    Have a nice day today dear Sharon ~ FlowerLady

  2. I see a barn owl in the pretty rock. Enjoyed your post. You are one of my favorites.

  3. Sorry you're having such a gloomy winter, that can definitely get you down.

  4. This time of year does seem to drag on.....lovely to find the heart-shaped rock and give it away <3 So nice to have fresh cheeses and yogurts, too. We've been counting the weeks until spring. Not long now. x K

  5. It's equally gloomy here in southwestern Vermont. The thermometer tells me that it is 41 degrees but it feels much colder due to the bone chilling dampness. The little bit of snow that we had is melting fast and mud season is raising hob on our dirt road. The deer have been hanging out in our back meadow most nights and I am keeping my fingers crossed that they haven't eaten the shoots and buds on the Cornus Florida. Our Glenwood kitchen range has been working overtime. The dogs love it every bit as much as we humans and it gets a bit difficult to navigate the kitchen with two big poodles sprawled flat out.

  6. Just found your blog, and enjoyed reading. Sounds very like our weather here in West Virginia--we saw the sun very little this past month. Rain, rain and rain...and then yesterday snow, and the cold returned.