Thursday, January 19, 2017

Dreary January Weather

We've had a long spell of mostly grey and rainy weather--rain is pounding down as I write.
The ground underfoot is sodden; farm animals wallow about in muddy barnyards.
 Wind shrieks in the chimney inspiring the cats to tear through the house, skidding on scatter rugs, rumbling up and down the stairs.
I pull on boots and a hooded jacket to tramp down the lane to the mailbox or to offer salad trimmings to the goats.
I try to choose a moment when the rain isn't falling full force--like as not before I make my rounds, mist has turned to drizzle and then to downpour. 
Deprived of sunshine the landscape sulks in a monotony of grey, brown, frost-bitten drab green.
We need lights on in the house all day.

Early in the morning on Monday a faint wash of blue was encouraging.

I looked up from kitchen chores mid-morning and realized the sun had come out!

Even the drab hues of winter grass looked livelier during the few hours that the sun shone.

I was making a birthday meal for Jim and our daughter Gina, but decided that the rarity of sunshine should be recorded. 
The sun was a surprise, not predicted in the extended forecast.

Nellie strolled with me along the lane.
The blue skies were short-lived. 

Dappled clouds moved in--lovely at first, then quickly forming a pewter-colored ceiling.

This morning's sunrise was spectacular.
Jim and I stood in the drive near the side porch with our cameras attempting to record the brief flaming beauty.
Jim remarked that the flare of orange behind the ridge looked much like the distant forest fires too often viewed during our years in Wyoming.

The brilliant sunrise gave way to another day of clouds and intermittent rain.
Jim goes out each morning to build a fire in his shop.
By the time he's had a look at the day's news online, the shop is warm enough to comfortably work on the several vintage tractors he is restoring.
I have continued to rummage out fabric and make aprons.
Several family members seeing photos of those I made for Gina have expressed a desire for similar ones. It has been warm enough to pull a table in front of the sunroom windows for laying out and cutting fabric. 
The cats wander in to see if they can help.
I've alternated sewing with reading.
I sent off to alibris before Christmas for the latest in Ann Cleeves' Shetland series of mysteries, [inspired by Jennie of Codlins and Cream 2] and decided to start at the beginning and read my way up to the last published, "Thin Air" 
I try to read slowly to make the books last longer--I never can!
I'm ready to read "Thin Air"--making myself wait.
So--reading, stitching, pondering several projects, mostly marking time with routine household tasks.

We are at the mercy of this stretch of inclement weather;
as retirees we can potter our way through wet grey days and early nightfall, knowing that eventually the sun will shine again.


  1. Grey weather is truly miserable, our world has been soaking wet forever or so it seems, and as you say dark in the house. But you have taken some lovely photos of the skies and that has been one of the blessings over the weeks here as well. Spring is just around the corner, the bulbs are starting to make a showing...

    1. Thelma; I don't have many bulbs here, but would be concerned for any that showed new growth this early. I think we're bound to have a cold snowy spell between now and the end of February.

  2. Glad you've had some bits of blue skies and wonderful sunrises and sunsets in among all of the grayness.

    Your aprons are very nice and I can see why family members would want one.

    We could use some much needed rain down here, things are drying up and I have to keep hand watering plants in containers. Temperature has been wonderful though.

    Have a lovely weekend dear Sharon ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; How odd to think of Florida as being too dry! But then, I've only visited there for short stretches of time.
      I try to dash outside whenever we have 15 minutes of sunshine.

  3. Grey days just seem to leech what little energy I have out of me. I need sunshine.

    1. Janet; Sunshine does inspire us to feel better. A rainy day or two now and then is OK but we've had more than our share this winter.

  4. It's been gray and foggy here, too. Thanks for the picture of sunshine. I've forgotten what it looks like!

    1. Jane; Winter fog can be most relentless--and so clingingly cold! No choices about weather--we just find ways to endure!

  5. Your weather looks a lot like our winter weather, rain, cloud and gloom. Never mind new buds are on the horizon and spring will soom be here.
    I have gone through all of Anne Cleaves books and enjoyed all of them. They made a tv series of them but they just didn't ring true after reading the books.
    Lovely sunsets.

    1. Briony; I'm usually disappointed in dramatizations of books I have enjoyed--most of the subtleties of character are missing. I have to say that the Poldark Saga filmed circa 1978 held my interest. I read the books after seeing the film series. I still see Robin Ellis as 'Ross' and Angharad Rees as 'Demelza.'