Friday, December 11, 2015

Reasons Not To Decorate For Christmas!

I removed a tablecloth which Nellie and friends have been using as bathmat, napping spot, a place to wipe muddy paws after being outdoors.
I didn't spread the clean one before it was rumpled and skittered about.

Teasel has chosen to spend a few minutes [companionably] on the round oak table which we have moved to the center of the kitchen.

Bobby Mac has selected the small 'island' re-positioned near the electric cooktop.
It serves as a watch-point, a grooming station and an effective spot for greeting anyone 
who comes in.
I admire--in magazines and in other peoples' homes--'tablescapes' and seasonal center-pieces.
I have no lack of interesting vintage bits and pieces, baskets, crocks, bowls in which to arrange natural materials--pine cones, pebbles, pods, dried lavender, etc--
none are safe from the investigative proddings of furry paws.
A shiny horse chestnut or a handful of acorns could be rolled noisily around the floor, cones are meant to be flipped from a basket and tossed about, greenery of any sort or dried herbs and flowers must be nibbled, and perhaps subsequently hawked up messily.

The lower shelf of the antique side table could provide a place for a basket or small crock of pine or spruce twigs, adorned with berries--but it is another spot favored by Bobby Mac--conveniently near the front door, a ready escape route.

I have placed  in the little room off the master bath upstairs two small heirloom geraniums and the pots containing respectively an amaryllis and a paperwhite bulb.
Thus far these have been unmolested.
I am resigned to a lack of Christmas finery!


  1. Ah yes, the usefulness of Cats as Ornaments! Dress them with tinsel and you have Christmas Cats as Ornaments . . . Ours are just the same. I am trying to reclaim the little tile-topped trolley which is over the veg baskets, by putting my big mixer and scales on it, but STILL the boys remember being fed up there and insist on jumping up on the last few spare inches to beg for grub!

    1. Jennie; I remember cats from decades ago--another house, another state--tinsel dragged from the tree, chewed, spit out, ornaments batted off the branches and skittered across the floor, tree-climbing marathons--I gave it up!

  2. I have to say that Miss Kitty is a doll about touching nothing of the Christmas decorations.

    1. Janet; I think Miss Kitty is a well-behaved minority! Blessings on her.

  3. Well at least the cats don't know any better! My problem with tablescapes is that my husband will set things on anything with a flat surface. I don't think he understands decorating any more than the cats do!

    We used to have a huge Boston fern on a stand that one of our cats thought was the perfect napping spot. They are funny animals.


    1. Jane; Jim and I both tend to litter flat surfaces with 'things'--I strive for a few tidy 'arrangements' to draw the eye and make me believe I'm being neat.

  4. My daughter has as cat like that - his name is Rebel, and very fitting. He demolishes greenery - love your winter bulbs and geranium...

  5. Hildred; I expect that 'Rebel' is charming beyond his tendency to disrupt plants--it is why such creatures continue to live with us. I will bring the winter bulbs downstairs when they are in bud--and they will doubtless become objects of interest.

  6. Likewise here, although I'm not a fan of Christmas full stop. It seems to have lost its real meaning somewhere along the line.
    All I see is greed and money making and I do not like it.
    I see what you mean about not baubles or fancy ornaments etc, our home is as clear of all these things as possible and most surfaces are easily cleaned.
    Good thing as today we have cleaned up 3 lots of hairball upbringings and Rupert has been sick probable because he also has a hairball, but we duly clean it all up as we love them all so.

    1. Briony; I'm not into holiday displays--although I would like to set out a few treasures at any time without inviting destruction.
      We may not like to admit it, but some of us 'decorate' [or don't!] to suit the cats who live with us.
      We did the hairball drill last week--Bobby managed one when the neighbors had stopped by. Fortunately he will lick petromalt [hairball eliminator paste] directly from the tube.