Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Note From Nellie

Nellie--and his human keepers--appreciate the many expressions of concern during his 'disappearance' and the joy shared on his safe return.
Nellie newly appreciates comfortable places to sleep in the sun, extra helpings of tinned cat food,  and the general fuss which continues to be made over him.

Nellie and his brother Bobby had a brief outing in the morning sun, a half hour to pick their way about in wet leaves and survey the autumn landscape.
They are not being allowed outside for unlimited time, even though it is now obvious that Nellie wasn't snatched by a predator.
When refused another outdoor run, Nellie resignedly took himself upstairs to sprawl on an old comforter kept on the foot of the bed for the cats.
There is such a thing as a thoroughly spoiled [and cherished] cat!


  1. Dear Nellie,
    Don't try it again. Humans worry a lot about prodigal pussies. Can you believe that people living thousands of miles away were concerned about your whereabouts. Be a good cat and stay close to home.

  2. Well Nellie, we're glad you're home!

  3. You are so beautiful Nellie, but too adventurous I fear, for your mama's nerves. Beds are good places to be, and extra rations not to be sneezed at either. Remember that . . .

  4. I don't blame you for being cautious regarding outside time, I would be terrified to let him out after what happened. So good to see him happy.