Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Nearly Normal Nellie

Nellie has developed a fondness for the ledge behind the cooktop--not a good place for a cat!

Yesterday [17 November] marked two weeks since Nellie-Cat's return and 5 weeks since his disappearance.
He has not regained his full former weight, but in looking again at his photos from 03 November, I can see much progress.  His bones are no longer jutting pitifully.
Nellie spent those first days home eating and sleeping. 
Within 48 hours he had gathered enough strength to jump lightly to a bed or chair without scrambling and falling.
Toward the end of last week I remarked to Jim that Nellie was nearly back to normal--his definitive sense of mischief was in evidence.
Nellie has always hoovered his food and then pushed his way into the dishes of the slower eaters.
When I serve cat 'tea' I have to play referee.
Perhaps needless to report, I have been adding extra dollops of canned food into Nellie's bowl.

Naughtiness is contagious.
In spite of 'shooing,' Nellie thinks he should supervise the 'fry' I made for breakfast.
His brother, Bobby Mac, perches on the wheeled kitchen cart the better to peer around the divider.
Jim has allowed the 'boys' outside several times in the past few days.
On Sunday they barreled around the corner of the house, hurtled into the garden where I was clipping and digging. 
In an ecstasy of exploration they rushed under the fence, along the stream.
Nellie splatted his paws in the water, Bobby dashed back to climb the fence and do a dainty pirouette along the edge.
Their garden capers on Monday were not so innocent, as they made nasty use of my newly turned soil.  I rushed at Nellie as he flung a just-planted lavender aside and vigorously enlarged the 
resulting hole to suit his purpose.

Jim left early today, on a parts finding mission with a neighbor.
He let the cats out into the damp morning.
Our friend Jay stopped by an hour later and I went outside to greet him.
Charlie-Cat sniffed at the open door of the truck, the tortie girls pranced along the retaining wall.
Bobby gave a good imitation of a Cheshire Cat, popping up behind the low brush of the side hill.
As Jay was about to depart a flicker of movement caught my eye--Nellie parading across the 
porch roof!  He landed with a thump on the roof of Jim's truck parked nearby, came placidly to be picked up and hauled inside.
Jim has catered to Nellie and Bobby Mac--when he fixes a snack the two boys hover and beg shamelessly.  Their brother Edward, large and laconic, isn't interested in handouts.

Having Nellie at home again still seems a miracle.
He spends most nights between us on the bed, moving closer to be stroked  when he 
knows I'm awake.
We are of a mind to forgive much of his monkey business--for now, he deserves a bit of pampering.


  1. What a character he is - I can understand so well your relief and happiness at his return. He has a bit of our dear old Banshee in him, as she would park herself in the most inappropriate places and would often sleep on top of the cooker, so we had to turn it off at the wall at night, lest she accidentally turn on one of the rings when she was at the edge jumping down.

    I hope he isn't inclined to wander off again - perhaps he has learned his lesson . . .

    I note that Bobby has a smudge of white on the end of his tail. Amber had the same smudge. They are good at begging aren't they? though odd that Edward isn't at all bothered.

  2. Lovely story of how the cats behave. Glad Nellie is putting on weight and settling down, I wonder where his adventure took him?

  3. What a sweet post about Nellie coming back to normal life. Yay!

    Happy Thanksgiving week ~ FlowerLady

  4. Im so happy to read that Nellie is gaining wait and settling back into home well.I really hope that any worrying memories from his absence are now fading. i have to say though, that George is a more wary cat since his disappearance and return last year. before then he would hold court if we had visitors, now if he hears a car pull up, or the front door, he slinks away ( upstairs or the garden) and doesnt come back until visitors have left. Our cats, opposite sides of the oceans, both know that home is where they are safe, and loved.


  5. I would not be surprised if Nellie had been shut in a building somewhere. Their curiosity has them entering sheds and whatnot when doors are left open. Very innocently they can then be trapped inside when the owner shuts the door. It's one of many possibilities. I'm just happy he's home. :)

  6. I'm afraid I'd never let him out again, having him back must feel like a miracle.