Friday, September 5, 2014

Willis and Katy

Katy Dog arrived Tuesday evening with HLW in convoy with Jim.
I was on the front porch to welcome them, having heard the two pickup trucks roaring along the road.
H. let down the rear window of his truck and called out, "Look, Katy, there's Meme--we're home!"
I could hear Katy's joyous barking as the trucks lumbered up the drive.

Willis, in his capacity as monitor of all things indoors and out, has decided that he needs to keep Katy in line.  
There have been several staring matches which are hilarious to watch--Willis with flattened ears and those owlish eyes, blocking the hallway when Katy wants to walk to the bedroom; Katy crouched in typical herding dog pose a few feet from Willis who just 'happens to be' in her path.
Katy attempts to walk around Willis, who shoots out a paw to whack her as she skitters past.
These encounters are replayed several times each day.

Katy is H.'s constant companion.
Willis has decided to be companionable--after a fashion.

Katy would prefer that H. does not notice Willis.

Katy asserts her claim on H. and his attention.

H. has scolded both Katy and Willis for interfering with his laptop.
[Observe the tell-tale flattened ears on both.]

Peace, of a sort, has been restored.


  1. great photos Sharon! :-)

    Leanne x

  2. Those photos are a hoot!

    Glad your two guys made it back from the long haul.

    Have a nice weekend ~ FlowerLady

  3. How adorable, I'm so pleased you showed these photos!

  4. Love the photos and I've promised myself a rest at the computer this afternoon to catch up on your wonderful writing! I especially love the pic of Katy with her paw on H. laying claim to his attention!


  5. It's tough for dogs when they discover that now man's best friend is actually a laptop.

  6. Those are photos of an animal person - he obviously has a rapport and animals can tell. Having said that, cats will also make a bee-line for a non-cat person just to see if they can change their minds!!!

    Glad H is safely back (hopefully for good?) and the long trek is over.