Saturday, September 13, 2014

Flowers of Autumn

One of the delights of autumn is the small flurry of bloom from plants that have been trimmed back in the exhausting heat of summer, resting awhile, then rewarding us with a few exquisite final flowers.

Hawkeye Belle, fresh and lovely, and totally free from the scourge of Japanese Beetles which each season ravage the earlier roses.

Wise Portia, a David Austin rose which grew slowly after the January freeze killed it to ground level.

Michaelmas Daisies [aka New England Asters] are at the height of their beauty.
I am coveting some of the variety known as Harrington Pink.  These are a soft clear pink--maybe I can order them for the new garden at the 'other house.' 
I transplanted dwarf asters there which have done well.

Hummingbird moth on an aster.

Nearly the last bloom for the daylilies. 

 Rugosa Rose, Hansa.

Blanc Double de Coubert

 Pale pink achillea 

There is more than the usual end of summer nostalgia as I walk around the dooryard and gardens, knowing that this is likely the last season we will be living at this address.
I note that the perennial strip laboriously weeded at the beginning of August is again spiked with clumps of Johnson grass and clusters of yellow wood sorrel.
The butterfly bush, so devastated by the harsh winter, has managed a few fragrant heads of purple bloom. Salvia has thrust up coarse hardy leaves and its flowers are intensely blue. 
The flower strips at both homes are in need of a final weeding and an application of mulch before winter. I'm not sure what would be both effective and affordable in quantity.
At such times I almost wish I could settle for a prim and tidy small strip of low-maintenance plants--when my nature craves the luxuriant jumble of a barely controlled 'cottage garden.'
I have at least achieved a jumble!


  1. It's hard saying goodbye to a garden. I've warned Mac that when we leave here we'll be digging up everything but the kitchen sink.

  2. Are you taking your roses with you? It would be so hard to leave a garden that you loved and enjoyed.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  3. Beautiful flowers! You could actually mat & frame a few of these pics!