Sunday, September 14, 2014

Cupboard Love

 Gina has fallen in love with my re-purposed cupboard.
As we unpacked the items she had carefully wrapped for their short journey to the other house, she began experimenting with arrangements.

She is pleased with this gathering of teapots, accented with a large McCoy vase [which she covets] a bud vase I have had since childhood and a lemon reamer of vintage green glass--with a tiny chip on the rim. The chocolate pot with the Oriental decoration was one of my maternal grandmother's wedding gifts.

She is not yet satisfied with her efforts on the two bottom shelves, declaring that the lower gathering is 'short and dumpy' and the middle shelf needing items with more height and color.
She rejected several offerings which I had previously unpacked and stowed in the kitchen cabinets.
My concern is for the safety of my little treasures once the cats move in.
I'm going to suggest that Howard fashion a door for the cupboard with a hardware cloth insert.


  1. Gina and I are kindred spirits.

  2. What a splendid cupboard. Yes, it might look good with glass doors to keep cats out and would also cut down the frequency of dusting operations. I can see that you could easily get obsessed with the arrangement of the items, moving things a fraction this way and a tad that every time you passed.

  3. what a good job you did, I love your cupboard.

  4. I love your cupboard, and what a lovely collection of 'special' pieces you have.

    Have a wonderful week ~ FlowerLady

  5. That beautiful soft green just enhances the sweetness of your cupboard. Just made to hold precious things...

  6. I would covet the bud vase.

  7. I love the cupboard...especially the color! I see a few things I might "covet" as well! ;-)