Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Renovation Update

Living room is finished.
The lighter paint above the chair rail is called 'cafe au lait'--a bit more yellow than I anticipated from the sample--color in this photo is not true.
I loaded most of these photos yesterday [Tuesday] morning before we went to work on the 'other house.'
I planned to add captions in the evening.
I was stung on right index finger by a species of hornet/wasp known as 'cicada killer wasps.'
We've ushered several out of the house recently.
They are larger than the 'average' hornet.
Had been home only a few minutes when I spied one buzzing on the windowsill where my elderly Siamese, Eggnog, now spends most of her time.
Yes, I had the evil intention of killing the hornet--and pulled a crumpled tissue from my pocket to 
smash it with.
Hornet objected and I was left howling [literally] in outrage and pain.
Iced the finger, tried a paste of baking soda, a paste of vinegar and soda, both remedies from a google search--trying to type with left hand and remaining fingers on right.
A Face Book friend suggested a poultice made from the contents of a charcoal capsule.
Two hours after the 'wounding' this proved to be effective in reducing the swelling and stiffness.
A cousin of J.'s supplied the helpful [?] information that 1) if I intended killing the wasp I should have gone after it with something more substantial that a tissue, and 2) the wasp uses its venom to paralyze the cicada which then becomes the nurturing host for the wasp's eggs--thus the feeling that my swollen finger was immovable. 
At any rate, finger in operating mode today.

We used the same 'hand-loomed scarlett' on three walls of the master bedroom--mainly because I wanted a soft neutral and J. opted for 'color.' Couldn't agree on color so on went the scarlett.
I can therefore be said to have a adopted a 'signature red.'

Kitchen has thus far needed a good deal of fiddly work.
Removing the fascia of fake wood paneling above the cabinets revealed a messy wall and untidy retro-fitted wiring.

Another wall of the living room and oddments of furniture.
We don't care for the off-center 'niche' for now we think a tall cupboard might hide it.
Somehow the small crocks were carried over and unpacked by J. who lined them up on the shelf.
Grandson D. visiting with his girlfriend, told her they contained the ashes of 'Meme's dear dead cats.'
The boy has always had an imagination!

View from dining area to living room.

I am in love with the paint color of the dining area and kitchen.
Designated as 'Banana Bread' by the manufacturer, it is a lovely soft old gold.

J. working shirtless, has replaced the ancient florescent ceiling fixture with the new LED light which our son chose.  Work in progress--trying to decipher the wiring [badly done] to the fixture above the sink.

Finally able to till the garden after rain of previous week.

My transplants doing well, but the area looking a bit sparse and forlorn.

The inherited half-wild farm cat who appears each day to eat.
Mr. and Mrs. L. were feeding her and a small black one with table scraps. 

She feels at home [sigh] will doubtless at some point, present us with kittens.
What can one do except feed a starving cat?


  1. Pretty farm cat. We fed a feral black cat for many years and it never presented us with kittens (hurray!) so we figure it was a guy cat. I like your signature red paint.

  2. Of course you have to feed that beautiful cat, and you know how pleased you'll be if you get some kittens, lol

  3. Oh gosh - new house, new cats! Kittens are JUST what you need - oh dear. . . Pretty cat though.

    Your new house is getting your feel already, and the signature scarlet has certainly warmed it up. I love that clotted cream colour (the banana bread) too - it would look well here.

    Sorry about your finger, but perhaps better that you were stung than poor Eggnogg. I have to say, I would have approached something that size (and Hornets are huge!) with a large book not a tissue, but time was of the essence I suspect.

  4. Another cat for your family!

    It must be hard work refurbishing your new home, but a very worthwhile project. I do like the banana bread gold paint.

  5. Hate wasps! Good old bees sting and die, not a wasp, they'll sting you repeatedly.
    Love the colors you've chosen.

  6. I also love the colors you've chosen.

  7. Love the picture of J working shirtless! You were lucky to be okay the next day after the hornet sting. I was stung by a wasp a few years ago and the pain and swelling lasted for weeks.

  8. Looks like things are coming along nicely. Are you soon moved in and how do you feel the cats will do with the change? I love yellow/gold walls. I have many in my home, too. The new free-loader is quite gorgeous.