Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Autumn Quiet

A few photos taken around here at the end of last week.  Each day brings changes.
Already many of hte scarlet leaves on the 'burning bush' have fallen.

A leaf from the sweet gum tree.
I love the elongated maple shape of these.

The three kittens have been enthralled with climbing the burning bush which is in the cat yard.
It is rather non-descript all year until these several autum weeks when the leaves glow with color.

The short daylight hours of November are precious with their particular shadows
and pale gold light.

I spent hours downstairs in my sewing room last week--working on projects I'm not ready to show.
My thoughts were very much with J's cousin and her family preparing for the huge military funeral for their son.  I found it difficult to think of much else.
The kittens continue to provide comic relief--above, Bobby McGee stretched on teh bed--after a bout of high-speed chase with his brothers.
For those who wonder:  we seem to be maintaining 13 [!] cats--between the barn cats, the pampered indoor darlings and those who have the privledge of going in and out.
Thirteen--how did  this happen--again?


  1. I'm sorry to hear about the loss in your family. I just can't even put my mind around losing a child. It is unthinkable. Have you had more cats dropped off on your property? I understand fully how you can end up with so many. I have found homes for many that passed through our home. It's not easy to do and I was just lucky to find good homes for them. I could easily have 13, too.

  2. 13 is a lucky number, MM. I have the same problem...
    My heart goes to your family in this tragic loss. My flag flys for all military, day and night.
    Have a peaceful and wonderful holiday season.

  3. We are up to 9 again (including the 2 outside ones), with the arrival of darling Theo. No-one wants cats round here - there are thousands seeking homes in sanctuaries and as many roaming wild.

    You are doing the right thing by rthem - but it ain't cheap!!! When you love animals, there's no real alternative . . .

  4. Thank you for the beautiful autumn pictures.

  5. P.S. Just a quick thank you for the cat nip (several have been delirious over it!) I'll e-mail you in the morning.