Thursday, September 20, 2012

The 3rd Annual Catnip Harvest

I cut catnip today [nepeta cataria] and placed it on baking trays in the oven with the heat
on its lowest setting.
As soon as the pungent aroma of the drying herb filled the kitchen, my cats began to mill excitedly about.
Willow inhaled the delicious scent, then rolled on the stove top.

In the carport, fresh stems were offered to Willis and the three boy kittens.

Nellie chewed up several leaves and became very mellow.
G. placed him on her lap where he lolled limply for the next half hour.

Catnip affects cats in various ways.  Some become excited, beligerant, even.
Others, like Nellie, seem mildly uncoordinated and foolish.

"Yes, I think that's my tail--can't seem to get a grip on the thing."

"I'm sooo sleepy."

"Whoops--I 'm all legs and paws."

Wide-eyed--'stoned' out of his gourd--but quite happy.

Nellie, recovering in the herb garden.

Little Edward, who is rather a quiet kitten, became initially rather frisky after a good wallow in strewed catnip.  He even arm-wrestled with Willis.

"Mom, I feel  funny, I think I need to hold on."

Bobby McGee was full of energy after his catnip treat.  He raced about, chasing bugs and butterflies, before finally crashing in exhaustion.

From the 2010 catnip caper:  Teasel searches for the source of the intoxicating scent.

"Now why has Mom sealed it away in a bag?"

"There!  I fixed Mom.  I rolled in the tray while she wasn't looking!
I feel...fine [?]"

"I need a bit of quiet time. Maybe I've had a bit too much catnip!"


  1. What brilliant photos. They are certainly affected in different ways. I am so glad that this year's "kitten crop" (e.g. someone else's!) seem to have settled in well. Nellie is a splendid chap and Bobby McGee is SO like our dear Tippy.

    I have to report that the catnip you sent me, and I grew a few seedlings of here was totally nobbled by my cats, so I will have to try again. They loved it to death (especially Misery Guts, who quite cheered up after an overdose of catnip!)

  2. I always love these catnip stories of yours complete with wonderful photos.

    I've not tried growing catnip for fear of being over run by all the cats in the neighborhood.


  3. My cat doesn't react to catnip at all, and that's too bad because I'd love to give her a treat.

  4. Oh those shots of Nellie are brilliant ....and I thought my felines reacted to it ... but Nellie's reaction is off the wall.xx

  5. Oh Miss Teasel, she looks so cuddly.

  6. Sharon- this whole post is a delight!

    The seeds you sent me were annihilated too, by cats not patient to wait til the grew bigger. I('ll try again next year!

    Leanne x

  7. This post is so cute. I am so taken with Nellie. Cutest cat ever. And a boy cat with the name, Nellie is pretty funny, too. Great photos, I enjoyed them so much. Keep 'em comin'.

  8. Wonderful! Stoned cats :-)

    Like BB, I was so pleased to see that the newest kittens have their paws firmly under the table!

  9. Teasel looks a bit hung over! :}

  10. The blissed-out cat photos are wonderful but I have to comment on that gorgeous flower header.

  11. Wow, such lovely pictures.

    I wonder if it works on humans,


  12. How funny! I've noticed that catnip has different effects on cats too. We had some neighbours in the States who used to grow catnip until (they said) they grew tired of cats lolling about on top of their car and then falling off!