Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Meet the Garden Crew

Dark morning skies warned of rain and wind to come.
I headed out to harvest seed from zinnias and cosmos.

Little Edward and Nellie are ready to lend a helping paw or two.

Bobby McGee, having slipped in through the fenced cat yard, thinks that the cushions on the love-seat are a cozy place to spend a blustery morning.

The sunflower seeds need to ripen before harvest.

J. checking for ripe tomatoes is joined by Little Edward and Nellie.

"Look at them sweet-taters!"

Too much help!

Little Edward has endearing ways, even when being a nuisance.

Bobby McGee has joined his brothers and has a purposeful dig about in the loosened soil.

Nice! A new latrine!

Willis: 'Things were just fine without those kittens.  I wish they'd go away!"

"If I don't look at them--they don't exist!"

Clouds are rolling in, thunder growls in the distance, the wind is picking up.

Chasing falling leaves is a delightful new game.

'While it rains, we'll take a nap
Call us if anything interesting turns up.'

Inside, while a brief autumnal storm hurls rain against the windows, I gloat over my seed harvest, set aside for packeting  and labeling.
Muffins, laden with dried cranberries, cherries, and coconut, are baking; we chop carrots, onions and some of the salvaged tomtatoes to add to the simmering kettle of lentil soup.
The kitchen is cheerful with good smells.
The garden crew, human and feline, can take a break.


  1. Really enjoyed this post after an exhausting day of welcoming a new grandson and caring for our grand-daughter of 2 years.Whew!
    I love to see cats enjoying the outdoors as long as they stay safe. All your kitties look happy and healthy. I can't imagine a better garden companion than a cat. Deb

  2. I see you and J had a lot of "help" whilst you were outside. I guess J didn't realize he was digging a new latrine pit at the time though!

    Those kittens are so lucky that they turned up on your doorstep, but I hope they are the last that get dumped. You will have to put a "Full House" sign up . . .

    It is too wet here to harvest any seeds. Sigh. Now my sore knee is up to kneeling a little bit again, rain has stopped play . . .

  3. What a great post! It feels so homey and comforting.

    Hugs ~ FlowerLady

  4. Beautiful post - I'd love to have some of those "sweet taters".

  5. Love you helpers! We only have the one and she's not much of a gardner. Our tomatoes gave up the ghost a couple of months ago, yours look great.

  6. Lovely post! Greatly enjoyed. Will be back tomorrow to read it again.

  7. They are funny! I love to see all your garden assistants.
    I sometimes have to shut my dogs inside when I am working outside due to their "helping"!
    I love your description of the kitchen, I could just smell all those wonderful aromas.

  8. Willis looks SO like my old cat Martin. I lost him six years ago so it's lovely to see such a doppelgänger.

  9. My favorite kind of post, full of all the homey little things that make life wonderful. And I love the catpile of cute tuxies, all ready for their naps!

  10. Your new kittens look so happy and contented with you! You and J have a real gift for taming these wild babies into loving pets.

  11. Great shots of your crops and kittens ....and I actually could smell your kichen and wished I was there ....yum.
    Barneby and Ellie are in my bad books today... while I was in the kitchen I heard a loud crash ...they got up on top of a tall cabinet where I stupidly put some 'cat' teapots and jugs... you can imagine the mess when I entered the room ...all but one was in fragments and the kitties looked worried....such is life with 20 cats but these are the worst when it comes to getting where they should not be.xx