Sunday, August 12, 2012

Walking With My Camera

I was having a bit of a 'down' day on Friday--tired and achey, not motivated to do any
of the things on the list.
Mid afternoon I decided my megrims needed to be aired, so walked through the lower garden, up around the barns, down the meadow, across to the creek, then up the front drive.
These are some of the sights along the way.
Above it the little shrub rose with the missing name tag.

Blossoms on Wise Portia--no Japanese Beetles this time around.

The bumble bee in this branch of Russian Sage was quite obliging about a photo.

Hawkeye Belle

A gaudy painted zinnia.

Swallowtail on a brilliant fuschia zinnia.

This zinnia has become a shrub.

Note the tattered wing on this golden fritillary.

Elderberries--which have become jelly today at Gina's house.

Serene and green, the view across our neighbor's pasture.

The butterfly bush has put forth fresh blooms.

Queen Anne's Lace.

Black swallowtail.

Poised!  A lucky shot.

The three little horrors.  Amazing what a bath and 10 days of adequate food has done for them.

Pebbles, the dear old lady horse.

Bobby McGee.

Neighboring pasture at dusk.
I uploaded the above photos Friday evening, forgot to caption and post!

To make up for Friday's slothfulness, today I ripped out the carpet in the 'guest room' which is also my 'hide-out'--the space with my desk and piles of notebooks.
I cut the carpet out in strips using a large sheetrock knife, then used a cat's paw tool to pry up the tack strips around the perimeter. Dust, [30 year old dust!] fluffs of yarn from the carpet --red--foam underlayment--all bundled out to the burn pile.
We replaced the flooring everywhere but the ktichen within weeks of moving in three years ago.  This was the least disgusting and worn of the carpets, but our occupancy hadn't improved it.
Carpets may be OK for households with no pets, where the occupants tiptoe about in sock feet and never spill anything.  Give me a floor that can be CLEANED!
Hopefully weeks will not go by until there is a new floor down and an 'after' photo can be shared.
I plan to paint this room while J. is away next week.
The interim owners of this place did considerable cleaning and had most of the rooms re-painted in a flat white.  Not very inspiring, but at least fresh and clean.
This is the last room for me to paint.

Lord luv us--this huge hound dog turned up slightly after noon today and it won't 'GO HOME'--where-ever that may be.
We do not want a dog, certainly not one of the Baskerville hounds, however amiable.
It has given cry several times causing a reaction in the cats that resembles apoplexy!


  1. I love dropping by here and learning the names of plants and weeds. Love those kittens and look how they have grown already. They are adorable. Now that not-so-little hobo looks like a big, old charmer. He must have had a home somewhere but I know there is always the sad realization that he may have been DUMPED. I hope not for your sake and that someone will come a knockin'. Deb

  2. goodness you are a magnet for stray animals! I know what you mean about the hounds bay!
    Loved the butterfly pics especially.

  3. What ever you do - DON'T FEED HIM!!!

    Lovely photos of butterflies. You caught some of them beautifully.

  4. Such beautiful flowers, animals, scenery - you do such a nice job of photographing everything.

    I love that hound dog.

  5. Oh Lordy - NOT a Free Dog as well! I hope you managed to move him on/find his owner.

    The latest kittens are so cute and looking to have greatly benefited from their new care and feeding regime.

    Your garden is better than mine too. I will try and take photos later this week.

    Danny finally got in touch with me by e-mail this morning and is now in Split, Croatia. I am deeply envious. . .

  6. Your Hound of the Baskervilles made me smile. I can imagine the din when he gives voice! I hope you find his owners, although I suspect that you too have an invisible sign by the front gate that say "Homeless Animals Welcome Here"!

    The kittens do look well.

  7. Love your flowers, mine just look sad this year.
    Having carpet where it's humid is awful we've ripped it our everywhere.
    Your kitties are so cute!