Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Ending

The friendly hound dog was reunited with his owner at 9 PM Sunday.
This was thanks to our lively on-line area "magazine."
In addition to news, community calendars, event coverage and editorials, CM provides a 'Lost and Found" service.  I posted the above photo of the hound in mid-afternoon, giving his description, our location and phone number. 
I was just out of the shower and into night clothes [after my strenuous time with the carpet removal] so didn't go out to speak with the man who arrived within moments of speaking with J. on the phone.
He lives a few miles from us, on the other side of the main highway, and had dropped in to visit a friend of his who lives up the road from our place.
Evidently the wily hound followed him cross-lots.
Whether the dog's owner saw the post or was notified by his friend--a man whom I know to be a CM reader--the outcome was a speedy reunion.
I probably don't have to state that I am greatly relieved to have one less animal-related issue to sort.
It is good to know that the amiable hound is back where he belongs!


  1. All's well that ends well. BTW, missed the last post, those kittens are looking cute!

  2. glad to know the wanderer got home, I understand hounds are very independent and become very focussed when they get interested in a scent.

  3. That IS good news! I`m sure the hound dpg enjoyed his short stay with you.

  4. That's good news MM. A "found" dog was mentioned at one of the Fleamarkets we were at. Someone came to claim him and took him away, and then later the real owner turned up . . . Glad yours went to his real owner : )

  5. So glad he has been reunited with his owner - he looks a really great dog!