Monday, October 17, 2011

Strange Autumn Flowering

Last weekend I drove a few miles up the road to take an apple crisp to friends who are doing a major house remodel. I hadn't visited there before, so was given a tour of the old farm dooryard.
As we ambled past the hen yard Linda pointed overhead.  "Look at this old cherry tree," she directed. "I should take a photo to prove I haven't made up a story about a fruit tree that blossoms in October."
I thought of that tree several times this week, even considered driving back there with my camera, but didn't have time to do that.

I pass the crabapple tree in our side yard several times each day as I trek to and from the barn to feed Willis, Sadie and Sally, and to give Pebbles the Horse her morning ration of grain.
[Nearly every time I walk past I remind myself that I should attempt to cut away the trumpet vine which is determined to strangle the tree.]

Late in the morning today I took a load of laundry out to the clothesline.
As I pegged clean clothes on the line the sun was beaming directly into my eyes, so I  turned to face the opposite direction as I continued to shake out shirts and pin them to the line.

Raising my eyes I did a classic 'double-take'---I was gazing directly at the crab apple tree which
is adorned with a scattering of deep pink blooms.
I wonder if more fruit trees in our area are wearing these strange out of season blooms [?]
I expect if one knew where to look there are veterans of many Kentucky autumns who could tell us if this is a 'once in a blue moon' happening or a more common occurance.
Surely a venerable weather oracle might prophecy a cold winter [or a mild one] based
on such a phenomenon.


  1. Happening here too MM. A couple of weeks back there was an Elder tree on the track which had fruit on AND fresh flowers at the top of the tree!

    I still have Welsh Poppies flowering - or flowering again - and now Primulas and Cowslips, Lady's Mantle (yet AGAIN - keep cutting them back), and a 2nd flush of roses on "Yesterday" which normally only flowers in July.

    We've had some whacky weather this year so I reckon everything's confused . . .

  2. Hi MM,Iv also got things in my little garden coming out again,poppies and primroses and some lavender that is just coming out,very strange goings on in the gardens now adays but still pretty.Love Jill xx

  3. same here, its all gone mad!

    by the way, the comments have disappeared from your previous post Sharon? blog gremlins?

    Leanne x

  4. Matt said to tell u he likes your new back ground and set up!!!

  5. look like your tree is a bit confused