Friday, May 27, 2011

The King and Queen of Yard Sales

Ninah nestles in a warm blanket on the wicker loveseat.
G. and M. are avid fans of lawn sales.
While the pickings at such events in Wyoming are rather discouraging, they have definitely landed in
a part of the country that "does" yard sales, flea markets, and auctions.
G. has been coveting wicker porch furniture
[in fact we have heard about it until we can all recite her litany!]
They have found that the best time to hit the sales is early [as in before 8 a.m.] making the rounds of advertised sales after dropping D. at the high school.

They have each developed an "eye" for good stuff.
Recent hauls have included some framed prints which M. has compared online; G. has another
"Scotch plaid" cooler to add to her collection.
They acquired a wicker loveseat about two weeks ago, in need of a going over with a wire brush and several coats of spray paint.
Still. G. lamented that it wasn't a full "set".

Today was the bonanza: a 5 piece set in mint condition, including handsome cushions and pillows.
J. backed our car out of the carport so that the furniture can take pride of place there until it moves shortly to
live on the south-facing porch of M and G's new home down the road.

T-baby has laid vociferous claim to one of the chairs.

My chair!

The fresh radishes just happen to be in the photo--so that M and G can share their
pleasure in Kentucky living!
We are encouraging them to rent a stall at the Peddler's Mall in C'ville.
With G's flair for staging and presenting, and their combined growing interest in collectables,
wouldn't it make for a fun side-line?

[I anticipate that this post will be of interest to Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic---Shan, you'll have to come visit and rent a U-Haul!]


  1. What a lovely set of furniture. Such a shame that England is too damp for open porches.
    Aren't cats funny, staking their claim and no negotiating :-D

  2. Tar Baby looks like a silver tabby version of our late lamented Honey (Maine Coone).

    LOVE the furniture. They got a bargain by the look of things. Send them over here, and I'll show them the ropes at Car Boot Sales!!

  3. lovely stuff- similar to my wicker chairs in yesterdays photos! Mine are scruffier though- thanks to the cats! :-)

    Leanne x

  4. Love the wicker furniture, I had several pieces that just wouldn't fit in the moving van when we moved out here and I miss them!

  5. Congratulations on a real find! They sound just like my daughter who has the knack for coming across fantastic buys like that. It's fun to go garage selling with her but she doesn't dawdle, so I have to be prepared for that. A booth for them sounds like a great idea!

  6. Hi Sharon! I am at Casey's in CA and we were just going through your blog when I saw this very fun post. I was very interested in G's new porch findings. I love the white wicker, G must be so happy. You are right, I may have to rent a u haul and come on over! I always love seeing your posts. Casey also enjoyed seeing it all.