Friday, May 27, 2011

Commenting Help

Kath at Hillside Cottage has posted a workable solution for those of us unable to comment due to blogger's problems.
I've found that her hint does allow me to comment, so let's spread the word.
Hopefully blogger will sort the issues soon.
I've been reading and enjoying my favorite blogs this week, but the effort to comment has been frustratingly unsuccessful.  If nothing else, this situation helps us to appreciate how much we enjoy having our faraway friends respond to our posts.


  1. I agree, I've felt quite lonely this week :-o

  2. We had problems a week or so ago but its all sorted now.

    Your daughters cat...T-baby is so like our Toto. He is driving us mad at the moment as he thinks a water bowl is a feline loo and squats over it with a perfect aim ...the others are not amused lol
    Its great to be back on line after nearly 2 weeks ...what a lot of catching up.

  3. same as kath,. reduced comments and lots of aggravation with blogger! lets hope 'they' sort it out soon!!

    Leanne x