Thursday, February 24, 2011

Spring Rain

Raindrops made white balls of light in this photo taken at dusk.
Probably the flash went off, but there was a drizzle down my neck and I didn't stop to play with camera settings.
Several claps of thunder woke me in the night and the day dawned softly grey and rainy.
We think the yard has grown greener with each passing hour.
There are weather advisories for flash-flooding along the many area creeks.  Big Creek below our road is rushing along in a churning of brown water.
It has been a day of small domestic chores for me--I was inspired to sort several kitchen cupboards!
The cats have been companionable and have had to be removed from cupboards.
They are such devoted help!


  1. Sounds a nice, slow, cozy indoor day. Hope the creeks don't break their bounds.

  2. We are sharing the wet stuff right now - but we have managed to get by without any thunder, I'm glad to say.

    It really DOES put the kibosh on gardening though. Gosh, I shouldn't have written that - I have just spent the last ten minutes trying to find the origin of that expression. Fascinating . . . and probably Irish (or perhaps Yiddish . . .)

  3. Hi, isn't it lovely but so irritating that they have to be where you are.
    We often comment that whatever room we are in, they are in. When we move or go outside, they all move as well.
    It's so touching but a tad annoying when one of them decides to stand right in front of the computer screen when I am typing....

  4. I keep hoping for some spring rain, but nothing for us yet. I bet your cats were great little helpers. :-)

    Have a great weekend ~ FlowerLady

  5. I was worried as I heard about the flooding and the loss of Amish children in a flood?
    Are you ok?
    Its very cold here, I am getting very tired of winter and cold, and I can't get out.
    I am glad you are getting springy weather and that you and your family are ok.
    Have a great week