Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Conniving Cat

For months Willis has found it amusing to slip in the side door when we are going in or out--he endangers himself--and us--by running between our busy feet.
At first he just huddled in the edge of the ktichen while the indoor resident cats rushed to sniff at him and deliver rather haughty remarks.

Willis seems to be "over" any concern about how the indoor cats react to his presence.
Several times this week I have forgotten to scoop him back out the door and hours later come upon him thoroughly relaxed and nonchalent,
"Put your striped cat outside," I tell J.
'But he wants to be inside!  He's not doing any harm!
Oddly, the girl kittens, Sadie and Sally don't care to be in the house--Sadie pokes her nose in occasionally and hurries back to the familiar territory of the porch.
We do not need another house cat!
Does it look like we may have one?


  1. Looks like you've been adopted, like it or not! Smart cat!

  2. It's certainly looking that way! He looks so relaxed and comfortable - surely you can't resist all that cuteness?:)

  3. hah! He's not daft is he?! I guess he can be the inside/outside cat and come and go as he pleases? I'm glad the others don't take too badly to him. Lovely boy!

  4. I love it when cats simply 'arrive', it's like they've found their way home :D

  5. I know who will win this.....
    Cat's can tell a soft touch when they see one.
    She's a beautiful cat isn't she?

  6. It looks like you may be heading for a Baker's Dozen! Funny how the girlcats are not so interested in coming in and being cozy, especially after this beastly winter. Well, that's cats for you!

  7. Oh Willis you do look irresistible curled up there don't you!!!

    I think you have found your way in to exactly where you wanted. You look made for that blanket......

    Love the poses by the way!

  8. You have been hogged tied, I'm afraid. He is adorable. Right at home, lol.

  9. Yay, Willis, mission accomplished! And smart to pose so elegantly and nonchalantly on a striped blanket that compliments his own wonderful stripes.

  10. The striped ones always find a way in, into the house and into our hearts.

  11. Te Hee ..1-0 to Willis and J .... He will want to be an insider who goes out thopugh ...lets hope he doesnt encourage the others to experiece the world outside.xx

  12. well done Willis!! that didnt taske long did it? !! :-) :-)

    Sharon- (willis is gorgeous,btw!) sometimes we just have to go with the flow, he wants to come in, the same as Sooty wanted to come here. You really dont have much of a say, do you? :-)

    Leanne x

  13. I`m sure that Willis is our Lucy Kitten`s American cousin. They look so alike.

    He is a bright boy and has obviously come into the house to stay.Of course you need a stripy cat in the house!

  14. I think you have all made "our Willis" an over-night celebrity!
    He has spent much of this rainy day inside, taking over yet another cozy spot. I do insist that he has an "airing" every few hours as I don't know if he can be considered "house broken."
    J. is sure that he knows where the litter boxes are located in the basement and understands their function, but should there be an upset it is not J. who would clean it up!
    I tell Willis that striped tabbies are a dime a dozen, millions of them the world over, but I have to admit that each feline has his/her own personality. Willis has indeed found his place here--what could we expect of a cat who rode in on a 4-wheeler!