Friday, January 21, 2011

A Collage of Birds

The juncos have been particularly pleased with the birdfeeder today, jostling the smaller goldfinches.
One fine fellow perched in the burning bush just outside the sliding door and fluffed and preened his feathers.


  1. I've got to get my goldfinch feeder with thistle seeds going again. I stopped filling it when all the rainy days were here. The seed goes moldy.

  2. very nice bird collage! the juncoes have been preferring to eat at my across the street neighbor's feeder...she must be serving something they like better. However, i've had lots of cardinals (2 adult and 1 juvenile male cardinals and 1 adult female, all at the same time) and the red-bellied woodpecker is quite busy at the feeder, one seed at a time. It was very cold here this a.m. (15F) and the landscape trees near my friend Sue's house were full of multiple small flocks fluffed up robins...not sure if they are on their way to somewhere warmer, or if they came here from someplace colder!

  3. I dont put out food for the birds any more as too many have been caught by our out door cats ...some times put out a string of nuts ....very high up on a wall.

    Re you comment on crafts ....Had to look up tole painting ...beautiful ...we have a similar craft which originated by those who lived on barges that sailed up the canals in certain areas in years gone by.... thus Barge Painting. xx