Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Snow Day

Rain started last evening and became snow sometime in the wee hours of the morning.
The bird feeders are very popular today.
Here a goldfinch in winter garb reaches for the niger seed.

An abandoned nest tucked behind a tangle of hop vine and an electrical cable.
It is located in the eaves of the carport, unnoticed through the summer months.

Pebbles is curious about my plodding progress through the snowy field.
J. questioned as to her motives, suggests that she is companionable [and nosey] by nature, but may be hopeful that I have a carrot or apple in my pocket.

The empty white farmhouse beyond our south boundary fence
 is lost this morning in the grey shroud of falling snow.

We ate a late breakfast sitting beside the dining-room glass door, watching the
birds as they crowded the feeders.
The cardinals like to pick up seeds from the ground.
In this case the male cardinal is standing on his head, poking through the snow for a stale doughnut.

J. has topped up the feeders on his way out to work in his shop.
I'm settled to work on a genealogy project which has simmered for many months on a back burner of my mind.  The weekend was chilly and I found that my fingers quickly got cold and stiff when I spent much time at the computer.
I contented myself with hours in the warm family room, unpacking and lovingly sorting my "stash" of quilt fabric. It now rests in tidy stacks on the shelves of the rustic cupboard--which is a deeper shade of green after a trip to town for a different pot of paint.


  1. Oh, still more snow. I've almost forgotten the rest of the country is still in winter. Our winter is making up for last year's gloomy summer.

  2. "unpacking and lovingly sorting my "stash" of quilt fabric"

    That's what I'm looking forward to! I was interested to see that you feed niger seeds, we put that out for our Gold finches.
    No snow here in England, just a grey 6' and damp.

  3. I love going through "my stash" of fabric...planning the next project. It's a time of peace and joy. What better time for it than in the midst of a snow day!