Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planting and Pruning

One of the sales areas at Anna's Garden in Russell Springs, KY.

J. decided he needed a break from flooring for a few hours yesterday, so we headed to Russell Springs to buy perennials for my flower border.  My work mates and friends at the quilt shop in Wyoming had presented me with a card and gift of money designated for my new garden.  Needless to say, I spent that and then some!
J. wandered about in the vegetable hot house while I chose my flowers.  He couldn't resist bringing home 6 tomato plants even though it is still a bit possible for some cold weather. I was pleased to note that in addition to the standard tomato varieties some heirloom plants such as "Brandywine" are available.  Another year I will contrive to start my own tomatoes, peppers and melons---there are so many delicious things to grow which aren't available in garden centers.
The plants were all healthy and vigorous. I was a bit disappointed that only the most common perennials were offered, but they will create a good framework for the garden.

It was nearly dark last evening when I noticed that the clemetis had opened its buds. Not having grown one in New England I didn't know when to anticipate bloom. The flowers are creamy white with delicate green veining. More have opened since I took the photo this morning. The existing  trellis is rather makeshift, but it works and there is considerable new growth which needs to be gently tied up and encouraged to run up the wire.

I spent several hours last evening pruning and again this afternoon. Honeysuckle vine has nearly strangled everything it can get at. I have clipped, pulled, unwound and unraveled it from the nandina, from the spicey flowering shrubs and from a shrub whose name I don't yet know.  I read up on the proper pruning of nandina, and fear that I rather hacked at it, but it was desparately out of bounds.
I came in at teatime and collapsed with a favorite old English novel, struggled up to make a sort of supper and then went out in the dusk to gather my branches and bits and drag them to the burn area.
I used the heavy long-handled loppers, working above my head a good deal of the time and am definitely ready for bed.
The kitchen cabinetry and range are to be delivered tomorrow. The next few days should see a bedlam of boxes and displaced items.
I can't tear off the old kitchen wallpaper and finish applying the fresh pale yellow paint, until the old cabinets have been pulled out. J. can't put down the dining area floor until the new kitchen cabinets have found their rightful places.
J. tore up the ancient linoleum in the old laundry area this morning. The particle board beneath  was as disgusting as expected and will have to be replaced with fresh OSB.
He worked at the flooring for awhile, then retreated to the garden to mulch his little fruit trees and berry canes.
We are making progress even as we make messes.
All comments from the cheering section are greatly appreciated!


  1. You're making good progress! Every time I log on you've done a bit more. Well done - it won't be too long till order comes out of chaos!

  2. Brandywine tomatoes are the best there is! The only problem with seed starting is allowing room for seedlings AND cats in sunny windows! It's such a relief to get the little plants outside as the weather warms up. I've been wanting a small portable greenhouse for this. You can probably do that, or even a regular greenhouse since you've plenty of room there. It must be thrilling to have all these gardening discoveries and possibilities all around you. Enjoy!

    And yes, it's awful to come in tired and dirty from gardening, starving, and have to scrape up something to eat when you just want to shower and lie down. Sometimes I prepare something in the morning before going outside, and it is so nice to have it ready to warm up or whatever when you finish the day.

  3. Wow ...where do you get the energy must be fit .... and you are slim unlike me who has to carry around far more than is good for back and knees tell me thatlol
    That Clematis is beautiful must be fun seeing the old plants burst into flower making it possible to identify them properly.

  4. The clematis is beautiful. I miss the ones I had but Jim says the deer would munch on them here. You must be so excited for all these changes even in the midst of all the messes. It will all look so fresh and new when you're finished...something to really look forward to. You can also look forward to exploring's a beautiful state and there's so much to see there.

  5. You are doing a miraculous job. Your never-ending energy makes me feel hopelessly indulgent, when just going to the grocery story today was a great achievement.

  6. You are doing really well, the lines about The Old Grey Mare' made me laugh, I'm afraid I know just what you mean there. My head is still under the impression that it can do all the things it used to at exactly the same speed. Unfortunately my body doesn't always agree with my head these days! If we keep at it we shall get there eventually though.