Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Old, But Still Working!

The "old mare", grey locks swinging in my face as I set out 75 strawberry plants this morning.  Thankfully, I didn't have to dig the holes for the plants.
This is good loamy soil, almost completely stone free.

J. having wielded the shovel, has been roaring about the yard on the lawn mower.
I need to get back out to plant three roses and some lily bulbs.
It would be nice if, after such strenuous labor, we came in and a good lunch had miraculously appeared.
The new kitchen cabinetry and range are due for delivery on Friday, so sometime next week should see the kitchen unpacked and sorted and normal meals resumed.


  1. Hullo MM,

    Looks like a wee girl having fun in the sun to me!!!


  2. That's the trouble isn't it? You work like fury for hours out in the garden and then come in and have to MAKE A MEAL! I spent 7 hours in the garden today and really did NOT want to have to cook after that : ) You are making good progress and I am glad you have sent some of your sunshine our way.

  3. Such energy! But it is going to be absolutely beautiful when you are all done. Hope the kitchen things arrive in good shape and on time.

  4. Very tiring on that lawn-mowing! My husband loves his machine, too,mwhilst we 'young agile ones' kneel on the ground planting and then, as you say, have meals to prepare when we would probably much rather sleep. (I try to cook for two days so that the second meal comes free of preparation time, just a little tweaking to refresh it.)

  5. You seem so very happy in your new home ...and you are working so hard. If I were down there planting I would never get up again lol Everytime I read about your place ... I smile

    Love your comments on G the P ...you have all the attributesand skills ... and probably some of the tool .... to create the simple LO's I do. When you have sorted the homestead and organized your quilting ...and have a few moments for yourself ... I could point you in the right direction if you wanted ...give you a simple list to get started ...you do not need to have the contents of a craft shop in your back room ...that comes with time and addiction lol
    Are you going to try and track back the owners of the land ...bet that would be fun knowing more about the Moss Family and the farm.xx

  6. I'm getting old here...thought I'd left you a post already. That actually looks like fun but something you'll be a bit sore from! It will be great when you have fresh strawberries. How will you keep the deer out? How exciting for you to completely redo this wonderful country cottage the way you want it. I think you will especially like the wood floor that you bought. I look forward to seeing future pics!