Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Garden Views

Duchess de Nemours
Paeonia Duchesse de Nemours

A century-and-a-half after its introduction, this fragrant double remains a standard by which all other white Peonies are judged. Strong stems give the blossoms an aristocratic bearing; a touch of yellow at the base of the dense, ruffled inner petals lights them up with a warm glow. 'Duchesse de Nemours' is a winner of an Award of Garden Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. Early.

This is the description from White Flower Farm's catalog.
My peony was purchased last spring with some of the funds lovingly given by my co-workers at the quilt shop in Wyoming.
I am really delighted with the blooms this first season.
I have regretted that moving in the depth of winter meant I couldn't bring mypeonies--tranplants from my old Vermont gardens.
Several of them had sentimental attachment as well as being plant heirlooms.
My white peony was a root from one which J.'s mother had carried with her through several moves.
It had a more crested center with a blush hue.
The scent of peonies is so distinctive.
The early pink ones, a legacy here of former owners, are at peak bloom just now and the breeze carries their essence through the open window.

Oriental lily in bud.
A handful of bulbs was sent as a "bonus" last year with our nursery order.

A bud of the mid-season deep pink peony.

The rugosas are blossoming well.
I was outraged to find that a large green worm had nibbled all three of the recently opened blooms on
Hawkeye Belle. [The specimen which I wrongly labeled on a previous post as Carefree Beauty.]
The worm has been dispatched by grandson.

Strawberries set heavily, but the crop has been damaged to a degree by the heavy rains.
Daughter G. and grandson D. are only too happy to help J. with his harvest.

The ever-bearers spent their first season setting runners.

Blackberry brambles tumble over their stake and wire supports.
Even if the weather were perfect it is the season when garden chores are nearly over-whelming.
Everything needs to be done NOW!


  1. You rotter! I have never seen a white Paeony until now - never knew they existed - and NOW I WANT ONE!!! Something else to add to the Wish List . . .

    Your strawberries/garden in general I think is ahead of ours. I d have proto-fruit on the strawberries though.

  2. Wow that looks a great strawberry crop.

  3. Paeonies are gorgeous aren't they? My daughter has a fabulous deep red double one that smells wonderful but in spite of being supported it's beenbeaten down by heavy rain the other night, the flowers are large and heavy so they just couldn't withstand it.
    Those strawberries look great, I love fresh strawberries, the English ones will be ready soon, they are incredibly sweet and juicy and worth waiting all year for:)

  4. You will soon be busy preserving all that fruit...
    Everything looks lush, green and promising in your garden.

  5. I think they are just planting the second crop of strawberries down here. At least I see rows and rows of shiny plastic being set over the fields.