Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beautiful But Cold

Today and last night have brought the coldest temps of the winter, proving that old adage:
"As the days grow longer, the cold grows stronger."
Hoar frost sparkled on every twig and along the power lines.
Schools are closed again.
It seems to snow here when the thermometer hovers just at or slightly below freezing, creating a slick mess on the roads.
Several accidents have been reported around the county.

Nandina berries glowing in frosted clumps.

I was concerned this morning that the birds didn't gather at the feeders as early as usual.
I imagine them huddled somewhere in the woods overnight and perhaps unfolding stiff wings
and blundering about to warm up.
J. refills the feeders, but much of the seed scatters on the ground.
You can see the birds do a good deal of picking through the snow to find the seed.

I have been grumpy about using my PC when this room is chilly--which has been much of the time lately.
I went to Wal Mart [the place we love to hate!] and bought a modest Toshiba laptop so that I can read and write in comfort down by the fire.
I have not tackled setting it up yet--have to find the CD for the linksys wireless and figure I better not be in brain fog mode.
Weather in the "hollers along the creek beds this morning was described as "freezing fog"--I hope my brain doesn't chill when its in a less than brilliant mode. 


  1. You must be so tired of the cold and snow by now. I just don't dare mention anything about our weather to anyone. We grew up with one fireplace and freezing water in the bathrooms -- literally. I think most homes over there have some form of central heating,now.

  2. I love your photos ...especially the berry one.Great for you to have a lap top ...who wants to freeze when you are writing.
    I have not heard that about longer days but I think it is so true ....old folk ditties often are.

  3. It does look COLD again. Brrrr!

    We have a mild day with drizzling rain here, but there may be more of the cold weather still to come.

  4. What lovely photos, though the cold does appear formidable! Just keep thinking warm, and enjoy the beauty, I guess, one day at a time, eh? My own cats don't think much of the snow or cold, they are pretty much luxury divas.... Can boys be divas?

  5. Love the picture of the cardinals in the snow. We're finally headed for a warm-up and sunshine. finally.

  6. I know what you are saying about being cold on the pc, (not literally on top of it, lol)
    My work room is at the top of the house and although we have central heating it always feels cold being north facing. I get so carried away with blogs and other things that I don't notice how cold I am getting until I get up to go down stairs again.
    Husband will find me stiff in the chair with hypothermia one day. lol

  7. The birds are singing spring melodies here, and I saw crocuses out yesterday and the first Daffodils. Hurray! Last year we had no daffs. out even by St David's Day (March 1st), so spring is definitely on its way. I hope it reaches you soon too.

    The laptop sounds a good idea - this from someone chained to the sit-up-and-beg computer!

  8. I especially love the photos of the Nandina in the snow and the cardinals. The cardinal photo just reminded me that I never see cardinals here. I'll have to ask about that one...