Sunday, February 13, 2011

Change in the Weather

Sunshine on Friday after several days of cold and snow.
The birds continued to appreciate the three feeders.
I suppose it was inevitable:  Willis the Cat got his jaws around an unwary junco.
I didn't find a pathetic heap of feathers or other remains so just maybe the junco lived to tell about it.
J. promptly got on the scene with some heavy fence wire left over from his sturdy garden enclosure.

Willis and "the girls" were dismayed that their access to the bird feeders has been curtailed.
Think disgruntled catlets sitting on the cement curbing of the basement bulkhead, tails and whiskers twitching in indignation.
What's a cat to do?

A peachy sunset on Friday evening.

The snow melted swiftly all through Saturday and by early this morning it held on only in little hollows and on the north sides of the buildings.
I walked up through the pasture and crossed down to the road at about 8 a.m.--there was a wind that sang in my ears and ground softening to mud under my wellies.

I made many excuses to be outside today.
I hung laundry on the line, where it flapped and billowed and got dry!
I picked up twigs and small branches that littered the ground underneath the maples and the redbuds.
At suppertime I noticed these daffodils standing sturdily on short stems.

This one had opened in spite of being blanketed with snow for several days.
Our local on-line magazine has published the photos under a banner announcing the first daffodil of the season. Daffs are referred to locally as "March lilies."

And on Friday I was presented with a box of Hershey's best--which I am sharing with the presenter, J.
I made him a pan of very fudge-y brownies.


  1. It feels like spring has gently arrived here too and doesn't it make you feel good to see the first "daffs" in bloom? I hope your outside cats aren't TOO put out that their hunting skills have been curtailed!

  2. What a wonderful sunset giving the trees an amazing backdrop.
    Those chocs look yummy ...I got a pressy and card from jay and vicki saying they love me was such a surprize ...ahhhh ...have a romantic day xx

  3. Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.
    I can just imagine the kitties. Boy you sure know who to ruin kitties hunting
    Have a great day. It got to 63* here yesterday!
    Have a great day.

  4. Happy Valentine's Day, your chocolates look so delicious, I wanted chocolates, knew I shouldn't have them and told my sweetie flowers please. But oh your look good!

  5. Wonderful photos as ever. Enjoy your choccies!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your valentine's day and chocs. Love your photos, its sometimes weird to think of lives lived thousands of miles away with little cats being wicked, same as here!