Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another Snow Day

The cardinals are much in evidence today.
When I went outside about 7 a.m. it was just beginning to snow.
In spite of a dour morning the cardinals were calling in their best spring
courting voices "Cheer, cheer."
Here  a male and lady cardinal share the branches of the maple with a bluejay [tail to camera] and
a plump tuxedoed junco.

Sadie the barn kitten [cat?] stationed herself in the lee of the maple's trunk, to cast coveteous looks at the feeding birds.
Her brindled fur is perfect camoflauge.
She didn't lunge at the birds, but stayed at her post for nearly three hours before retreating to the
comfort of her sleeping bag in the barn.

A cardinal and his lady.

Mima and Teasel
Some of us are very pampered house cats who know how to spend a grey and snowy afternoon.
I'm off to concoct a pot of potato/onion soup, then its downstairs to my sewing machine and the warmth
of the wood fire.
We chugged over to the nearest Amish sawmill at noon and loaded some good hardwood chunks the better to endure the weather's hissy fit.


  1. Your red cardinals look so beautiful against the snowy landscape!

    Clever Barn Kitten is practising for when baby birds start to fledge.....Her camouflage is very effective.

  2. You're right about Sadie, she's beautifully camouflaged. I didn't notice her until I read your words and really looked at the photo!

  3. Love the photos of the cardinals this time of year. A welcome color!