Thursday, January 11, 2024

Sunshine, Heavenly Sunshine

The red numbers on my digital clock were clicking away toward 6 a.m. when, firmly wedged about with cats, I fell into what passed for sleep. Jolted back to consciousness I discovered it was after 8 and the sky visible through the window was bright blue. 
Waking to sunshine does make a difference!

Showered, dressed, a hearty breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast, morning chores done.
With a relatively late start it was nearly noon when I headed up the lane toward our mailbox on the main road. I had missed the mailman, but no matter. 
The packed dirt of the lane had a bouncy feel, still soft from yesterday's rain.
A neighboring field wearing a subdued winter green spreads to the east. 

I walked my first loop of the upper meadow, bare hand clutching the mail, hood pushed back.

Shelby walks ahead of me.

With the mail dumped in the house I made a 2nd pass of the upper meadow and took in the lop-sided triangle bordered by a sturdy boundary fence.
Shelby stands on her own shadow, alert to the movements of the beef cattle in their pasture across the lane.

A long view of the fence and its shadow.

Before walking the lower meadow path I poked about in the west wall garden. A sere tulip poplar leaf nestled amongst pinks and foxglove cups yesterday's rainwater.

Frothy seed heads, a reminder of clematis 'Dr. Ruppel.'  Has anyone raised a clematis from seed? 
Several seasons ago I saved seeds from my vintage clematis, 'Candida' but none germinated.

I admire the way lemon balm hunkers down for the winter, tight rosettes of leaves clustered around last season's brittle stems. The clean lemon fragrance is released at the lightest touch.
I was reluctant to leave the brilliant day outside, but had run out of excuses. 
My painting project beckoned; the sunroom doors had been open since 9 a.m. allowing heat from the woodstove to flow in; now the south and west-facing windows were filled with light. 

I gave the first coat of paint a light sanding, tacked off the residue, ushered Rosie-Cat away from my paint cans and brushes. I'm liking the dark colonial red paint. Do I proceed with my plan to overpaint with black--or do I apply a 3rd coat for a red bookcase
All things being equal, the first of next week should see the bookcase ready to install in the big downstairs living area. 
Perhaps there will be a rainy day--perfect for the task of sorting and arranging books. 


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  1. I hope you'll post a picture of your bookcases after you install them.