Friday, January 26, 2024

January Journal [Quiet Days]

Sunday, January 21. Minus 1 F at 7:30 in the morning. Sunshine on snow and a high of 28 F by mid afternoon.  I managed only 1 loop around the meadow. 
Monday morning was more promising: 25 F at 9 a.m. We had errands in town followed by a drive to Somerset to meet family for a meal to celebrate January birthdays--four of them. 
The drive home late in the afternoon was through quiet farm country once we left the city behind. Fields were still snow covered. Arriving home we noticed that the icicles had loosed their hold on the porch overhang.  46 F when I walked at sunset, the snow breaking down, patches of bare ground appearing in the meadow. 

By Tuesday morning rotting snow and slush made walking unpleasant. A flock of juncos bounced about on the mostly bare slope of the west meadow. 

Temps in the 50's on Wednesday and Thursday, sporadic rain, heavy fogs, general gloom. 
I walked between showers, the ground squelchy underfoot. I startled a grey squirrel foraging under the hickories at the east boundary fence. 
The first racoon we've seen in months paid a visit to the kibble tray on the porch, bumbling off at speed when I opened the door. 

Today we drove to South Fork for a rather lackluster shopping at the two discount food stores there.
Home again I put together a shepherd's pie, one of J's favorite dinners, then created two carrot cakes, one for us, the other for son-in-law Matt. 

I walked two loops of the meadows while the cakes cooled. There was a different feel and smell to the air, not quite springlike but with a sense of soil and grass released from the punishing cold.

Friday's grey morning skies.

Pale sunlight and clearing skies just before sundown.

Green grass along the lane.

The tattered remains of clematis vines. they will need a hard pruning come spring.

The colors of sunset are welcome after a run of grey and foggy days.

A zoom of the same view.

The results of afternoon baking--to remind me that I did accomplish something domestic!

This week: Reading, writing letters, doing a bit of research on The Scottish Psalter as we are studying the Psalms at church.

A creative endeavor. When snow and cold leaves me housebound I look to what I have on hand.
Gina previously admired this length of heavy decorator cotton, the satin lining fabric had languished in my stash for a number of years.

Gina likes a variety of throws for sofa and chairs, and is pleased with this one as a birthday gift.
I tied it with cream-colored embroidery cotton, also discovered in my stash of goods.

Robert was a great help. He insisted that the colors of the throw were a becoming backdrop for his black and white fur.



  1. Thanks again, always enjoy 😀😀😀❤

  2. He is a poser isn't he?! I'm sure Gina will love the throw. Like you, our temps went from below freezing (minus 8 on the coldest night) to about 10 degrees plus (around 50 F). I wanted to get on in the garden yesterday as we had sunshine, but was waiting for a call from the GP over a medication query. Finally forgot all about it, went out for wine and of course she phoned when I was out!

    1. Jennie; Waiting for a phone call is always a frustrating time. Its hard to settle to a task and at the end of the day one feels that little has been accomplished. So many things fall between the cracks!

  3. Replies
    1. Robert is a handsome lad. He is also one of the most intelligent and most maddening felines who has ever condescended to live with us!

  4. I love the pink (sunset) sky. Can it be that your snow went in just a week? It looks very spring-like but I suppose winter will be returning before all is said and done.

    1. G.M. I doubt that we are done with winter! Our snow stayed for over a week and with it melted, cold damp days of intermittent rain have moved in. Even a few moments break in the clouds or a flush of pink at sunset are an encouragement.