Sunday, May 28, 2023

Gentle Rain

Raindrops spatter on the last blooms of Lauren's Grape poppies.

I woke early to the kind of green darkness that accompanies a rainy morning on the edge of summer. 
A chilly breeze stirred the curtains at my open bedroom window bringing in the cool scent of damp earth.
We have needed this rain as it has been a dry month. Several brisk T-storms have occurred with the brief deluge that hammers against the ground, then quickly steams and dries; there have been overcast mornings that gave us hope of rain, but it has 'gone around' us.

The rain today has been slow and gentle. We could almost see the garden growing.
I started a fire in the wood stove and we've kept it smoldering all day to ward off the chill of temperatures that stayed just below 60 F.
The cats abandoned their favorite rocking chairs  on the screened porch, preferring the cozy comfort of quilt-covered beds.
The rain slowed to mist as evening approached. The sun made a five minute appearance just before disappearing into the western edge of the ravine.

The rain, although gentle, has bruised the petals of clematis, caused roses to hang their heads with the weight of moisture. 
This season of bloom and growth moves along too quickly.



  1. “Well, I love a rainy night (day)…. You know it makes me feel good.” Eddie Rabbit

    We surely could do with a good ground soaker about now. I transplanted several things today, just in case. Hilltop Post

  2. We are having the sort of May we used to have in Carms when we first moved to Wales. Then about 20 years ago the weather patterns seemed to change and it became wetter. Once again, a cold damp spring which made it feel like we fell out of winter into summer with the sunshine which started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Every day bright blue sunny skies. Bliss!

    Of course, that means I'm having to water round - the yard is south-facing and everything in pots gets SO parched.

    I hope your garden will continue to give you pleasure, although I am quite sure worry and frustration are in equal measures too as nature tries to put you on the back foot!

  3. I'm sure you appreciated the lovely rain that you got even though it always seems to damage the more fragile blooms. We haven't had much rain either and I hope it holds off until the Peony is done. Those heavy blooms quickly hang to the ground.
    Those dark Poppies are gorgeous.
    Have a pleasant week.

  4. I love your poetic descriptions of the rain, the flowers and the cats preferring the quilted beds. We are in a dry spell and waiting for rain, but none on the horizon so I have had to water. Your poppies are so beautiful. x K