Thursday, February 11, 2021

Plodding Sort of Weather: Journal Post

I need the reminder that there have been a few sunny hours this month!  Most morning temperatures have been below the freezing mark without much moderation through the day. 
There has been intermittent drizzle, frost and a chilly wind that stings my face on the way to and from the mailbox.
A scrim of snow remained on our neighbor's north-canted birdhouse roof after a sunny afternoon melted the light dusting that clung to the lane and the edges of the ravines.

On a sunny day there is still the suggestion of green beneath the bleached tawny hues of the meadow grass. 

A path of sunlight across the pond.

A sunrise stained with ochre and pale rose soon faded into another day of pewter clouds.

I've spent several afternoon hours downstairs in the big living room, resolutely finishing the quilt blocks for a project that seemed like a good idea at the time. I turn on the heat, select some CD's, putter back upstairs to fetch a mug of tea, lay out the colorful patches beside the sewing machine.

Shelby is basking in a spill of sunlight on the windowsill, posing with the wooden cats.

Shelby cuddled in a basket with fabric cats for company.

Teasel likes this spot under the plant table in the sunroom.
Its a pleasant nook when the afternoon sun streams in. I moved one of the basket chairs out there as a place to escape with a book and a mug of tea--but only if the sun shines.

The last two butternut squash became a comforting creamy soup--made with coconut milk, a dash of curry. a dollop of butter.

Lemon meringue pie inspired by a friend's gift of fresh eggs.

I drove to the South Fork shops on Tuesday, needing ingredients for salads. Of late mealtimes have gotten scattery, Jim wanting 'breakfast' at a later time than I do. It results in each of us rummaging in the fridge for something to warm up, or getting out eggs, canned fruit, cottage cheese.

Jim fries up great messes of eggs, potatoes, beef hot dogs--takes them to eat in front of his TV. 
It makes for a rather constant clean-up in the kitchen.
I hope that some sort of schedule will resume with warmer weather.

I wondered what Jim was planning when he gathered up some lengths of lumber which have been lurking in my craft storage room downstairs. The rack for firewood which he created is a much tidier option than the clutter previously around the stove.

Cold rain overnight, a skim of crackly ice on the front steps. 
I walked down to the cat litter dump, my boots skittering on icy leaves, hearing the crunch of frozen grass along the edges of the lane.
It was late afternoon before I went to the mailbox, choosing a time when the drizzle of rain had slacked off. Temperatures that hover near freezing are mild compared to those of long winters in New England and Wyoming--still I'm happy to come inside from the cold, to pass the hours in desultory puttering.

I bring a seed catalog to the table with my lunch, a pen to circle the items of interest.
I hope for a mild sunny afternoon to do a bit of pruning, to prod at the cold earth in anticipation of a new growing season.



  1. As usual I enjoyed reading your post but I could detect that you are not your usual self. Winter gets us all down and more so as we age doesn't it? I mentioned to Tom the other day that if we didn't have the cats it would be worse. Just looking at them brings so much love and pleasure as I'm sure it does you.
    Spring is on it's way, keep cheerful and positive Sharon.

    1. Briony; You have nailed the problem for so many of us--a combination of aging [less stamina, some physical limitations] and the kind of weather that bears down with cold and dreary days.
      The cats are great company, and I often think we would be considered foolish for the way we fuss over them.
      We're keeping busy as much as possible and hoping for sunny weather and a more 'normal' pace.

  2. I always feel like I am right there with you and come away feeling refreshed and happy. Have a lovely Valentine's Day ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; I'm glad you enjoyed your visit here! I wish I had your skills with a camera--your photos of flowers are an inspiration, especially in our winters when there are no blooms.

  3. I can't say enough how much I love those pictures of dear Shelby with the wooden and the fabric kitties! Also love the pond picture, so fresh and peaceful looking. It's grey and snow covered here, but pretty in a muted kind of way...

    1. Marilyn; Shelby is quite photogenic! She is also the naughtiest little cat who has ever lived with us!
      Snow is surely 'prettier' than sodden fields and mud underfoot. I make a point to look for something interesting when I go out with my camera. Often its bare branches against the sky or seed heads on dried flowers or weeds.

  4. Shelby is SO pretty - and an almost exact match for those fabric kitties! We have been ordering seeds and trying to look beyond this Siberian weather we've had for a week or so now (and which has outstayed its welcome). Looking forward to snow followed by rain as a warm(er) weather front arrives from the West this weekend.

    I spotted the first crocus flowering in one of my planters today and although everything looks dessicated (freeze dried!), hopefully spring is just around the corner.

    Hoping to see your latest quilt workings soon.

    1. Jennie; Shelby seems to know where to pose to effect. Its a good thing she has her beguiling moments as she is often a lively little nuisance!
      I've been marking seed catalogs and perhaps should be sending some early orders. I bought a few seeds at discount prices late in the fall--tomatoes, mostly, that I know are good for several seasons.
      Wild daffodils have sent up tentative shoots--the first to blossom usually get frost-nipped, but ever so slowly spring will come. I need to remember that on these endless cold grey days.
      The quilt in progress will be my first using the quilt-as-you-go method. I'm a bit wary of it!

  5. Weather that brings freezing rain is what I dread most. I am hoping that things are happening under all the snow we have now...things that will soon be green and growing. Your lemon meringue pie could easily win supreme champion at the county fair for it is the most beautiful I have ever seen. Your hubby didn't cut into it, did he? :~) Our son has taught me how to watch YouTube videos on tv, so now I am thinking we might watch more of Hannah Hauxwell. She was an amazing woman, for sure!

    1. Mary; Freezing rain/sleet, with snow on top, is about the most treacherous driving or walking there is! At least a snowbank is relatively soft landing.
      My husband watches YouTube and Roku exclusively on his TV--and seems to find endless interest there.
      The Lemon Meringue pie was not cut until thoroughly cooled--and that took some maneuvering. I made molasses cookies and laid them out in plain sight, while whisking the pie to the downstairs fridge.

  6. Dear Teazle she is so sweet. I am envious of your ability to bake, I am hopeless and your cookies,
    cakes and meringue make my mouth water.

    1. Kath; Teasel is very beloved--I tell her she is both beautiful and intelligent--a darling.
      Lemon Meringue Pie is my star turn--a great recipe I've had for decades.