Sunday, September 27, 2020

To Blog Again--Or Not?

It has been a busy summer.
Even as I type the words I'm thinking that summer has always been busy time! 
Planting, harvesting, preserving the harvest--as well as doing the usual tasks indoors and out.

[To say nothing of the building/renovating projects that have been an on-going lifestyle for many years!]

Dawn and I have picked green beans under searing sun, brought them in to snip, steam and seal in the vacuum Food Saver. 
We have unhappily thrown out tomatoes ruined by blight or bugs; those worth salvaging have been canned or turned into salsa and spaghetti sauce. 

I drove to my favorite garden nursery in mid-August, returning with broccoli, Napa cabbage and regular green cabbage to set out where earlier beets and cucumbers had grown.
I watered the plants for several days before a spell of rain took over.  All are growing on nicely.

In the foreground of the above photo is the late crop of green beans.  I planted bush type, but a few of the climbers germinated from the earlier planting--overgrown pods discarded on the ground as we picked.

Late August rains have blessed us with a green autumn. Leaves on a few trees are starting now to 'turn'--hickories going a golden russet; one branch on a large sycamore across the lane has a warm tint of yellow.
Hummingbirds are still a presence at the feeders.

Clematis have flowered again--other than the always struggling one that I inadvertently dislodged while tugging on a clump of grass. 
Clematis stems are so vulnerable!

Clematis 'Samaritan Jo'

In truth, it isn't busyness alone which halted my blog posts. Online resources indicate that the new blogger format has been prone to spam 'hits.'
I can deal with the odd irrelevant comment or those who comment only hoping to make a sales pitch. 
I cringe at pornographic filth--posts of explicit content from those nameless trolls who have the expertise to get around comment moderation and spew their filth.

Although I try to recognize and quickly delete, my reading skills have always been of the kind which register whole paragraphs in a quick glimpse.
When dealing with comments on my only August post, I was using my laptop, working at Howard and Dawn's house during the 8 days that our internet was down.
I'm awkward with the laptop touch pad, and I suspect that I deleted some legitimate comments along with the spam.
 I miss blogging--sharing photos and words that journal our days and seasons.
I can hope that 'blogger' deals with the issue--building a system that filters out the professional trolls!



  1. I've had some higher spam levels recently too. A right royal PITA! I would miss your blog though I know we can still chat elsewhere.

    Your garden has been more productive than hours - we too got blight at the height of the Tomato season - gales blew the spores around. Newly dug vegetable areas brought their own problems and needed feeding by the harvest . . . though we have had a weird summer weather-wise. At least you have lots of room to expand your growing- we are going to be limited wherever we move, I suspect.

    1. Jennie; Re the tomato blight: it has apparently become wide-spread. I don't recall it was something we contended with in our Vermont years, but I'm hearing that it made its way North.
      We have unlimited room to expand our gardening efforts at the Dry Creek property which Howard and Dawn now own. I need to remember that my stamina isn't equal to unlimited expansion!

  2. So good to see you Sharon. I hope you won't stop blogging. I have always enjoy your posts. I've not been posting as much, just not in the mood like I used to be. The pandemic has knocked us back and we are learning to live in a different normal. I try to see the good in each day and to be thankful, some days it is easier than others.

    Happy Fall to you and yours ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; We're surely living through strange times--feeling our way, as it were. Your lovely photos have always provided me a few minutes of calm appreciation--whether I left a comment or not!

  3. I've heard of this happening, but I personally haven't seen any except one, way back. I've had a couple other spams but I find it easy to mark them as such and then delete them. I get many more scams in my email. Maybe ten a day - not gross just stupid.
    Don't let them stop you blogging. I moderate my comments so it isn't a big deal to delete any that aren't real ones.
    Your energy absolutely amazes me.

    1. Nan; I also moderate comments. I've felt sullied by seeing even a few words of the porn/spam comments.
      Hopefully blogger has put a better filter in place.
      Energy? I don't know--maybe its stubborn willpower, not knowing when it would be wise to slow down!

  4. So good to hear from you this morning! Please don't give up on our blog as it is always a delight to hear some news from your small corner of the world.

    Tomato (late) Blight has indeed trekked north to Vermont. It seems to be a fairly recent phenomenon and requires the yearly rotation of the tomato crop. Our tomatoes are of the heirloom varieties and are considered late tomatoes. By the time they ripen most of the leaves have crumpled and fallen. I just had a Cherokee Purple for my lunch and it was perfectly scrumptious. Well worth the trouble!

    The fall colors are nearly at their peak and they are spectacular this year. The perfect conditions for the inveterate Leaf Peeper.

  5. Mundi; I'm already researching tomato varieties for next year. I've tried out several heirlooms with differing results. I grew Brandywine in VT and liked it. Some of the heirlooms are difficult to peel and slice, but the local greenhouse carries many and I'm game to try more next year. Thinking to plant some determinate tomatoes for a canning crop--maybe I could get a harvest before the blight attacks--and then other varieties for the table. Gardeners are always optimistic for the next season! I miss the brilliant leaf colors of New England autumn--we don't have the display of 'red'--very few maples of that type.

  6. So nice to harvest your own home-grown veggies and it must be very satisfying to enjoy a delicious meal with all of your hard work. The garden does look so pretty against the house, too. OH, the spam....I thought I was the only one getting the spam comments and the porno ones - oh my goodness - those are a disgrace. I never thought to attribute it to the new blogger format, but you are right - I've never had so much spam until now. I wish there were a way to complain. I do hope that you continue to blog - I really enjoy keeping up with all that goes on in your little corner and your beautiful writing. So many are leaving blogger and I hate to see that happen. I have found that if I post once a month it seems enough. Sometimes I can post more often. Life does get extremely busy, but I love all my blogger friends and don't want to lose them. We are all kindred spirits in a big, crazy world. Take care, stay safe and keep the faith. x K

  7. Karen; Its a relief--in a way--to learn that you've also had to deal with the 'porno' trolls. It is sad to think that our friendly blogs which chronicle seasons, gardens, creativity, should become targets for sick minds.
    I think many former bloggers have gone to instagram or twitter--not something I'm prepared to do.
    I have a Face Book page and post blog links there for the family and close friends who don't like to use blogger.
    I'm always pleased when you create a post--sharing the record of our days seems more important than ever in unsettled times.

  8. I have been awful at posting anything, mostly because summertime this year felt especially busy and stressful. I just recently went through comments and found all kinds of junk, deleted it, and am just hoping that it stops. Anyway, I enjoyed your post. You have been busy. Phil

    1. Phil; I'm wondering if summers seem busier because I'm older and still trying to do most of what I accomplished when younger!
      I look forward to a post when you get caught up.

  9. I certainly hope you will find a way to get around the blogger problem and keep on writing, for you do it so well. However, I will add that I deleted my old blog for just that reason. You have done well with your gardening this year, despite the tomato problem. We have had problems with tomatoes the past three years, so this year I planted them in the orchard where they did much better. I am actually looking forward to the changing of the seasons.

    1. Mary; I keep hoping to find solutions to the tomato blight issue--those planted later in newly turned ground at the other property were less affected.
      Re malicious spam; thus far this post hasn't brought any--I can hope that a better 'filter' has been established.