Friday, December 21, 2018

Bleak Mid-Winter

I didn't take photos on this grey and dismal day, but this one from earlier in the month portrays our solstice weather.
After two days of relative warmth and sunshine, the weather deteriorated again on Thursday.
By bedtime a drizzle of rain had increased to a steady drumming on the metal roof of the camper. 
Jim, who finds this a snug and cozy situation, went early to bed.
When I joined him more than an hour later, he and several cats had appropriated most of the bed!

I had errands this morning; 3 gallons of Cabots stain to pick up at a hardware store in the next county, then a drive along the back way into town to the chiropractor. 
After, I poked through items on offer at the Goodwill store and braved Wal Mart for a few necessities, each stop resulting in a bit more moisture collecting on jacket and hair.
There was little traffic on the road coming home.

I stopped at the house to lug in the pails of stain, make admiring noises regarding the work of the day.
At the camper I was greeted by Willis the Cat, who poked his head round the shed door, then stepped daintily through wet leaves and gravel to escort me while I brought in groceries.

On this longest of dark evenings the camper seems especially confining--cluttered, untidy.
Still, I have sat to read with a mug of tea, bolstered about with the cats who are sharing my chair.
I have made soup for tomorrow--cream of butternut squash.

The increase of daylight will be slow, mere increments, scarcely noticeable for several weeks.
We live now in a part of the country where winter is more about freezing rain, sometimes sleet, with only an occasional snow of any account.
Accustomed for years to heavy snow, blizzards, temperatures hovering below zero F. we sometimes are amused at the school closings and cancellations here at the first dusting of snow.
Narrow winding roads, a landscape of steep ridges and deep ravines doubtless encourage caution.

In retirement we are blessed with the choice to postpone errands, to stay busy at home.
We may grumble a bit during a run of bleak wet days, but the sun does return!


  1. Pouring in MA today and I learned what pain approaching storm means to knee with torn cartilage! Stay cozy ... nice to be able to stay in and no alarm clocks!

  2. Well, so much of this post I can relate to.....cold and damp describes the winters here near Seattle, too. I haven't been by to visit in a while, so sorry about that - all my free time now goes to grand-babysitting, but I am working on my time management because I miss my blogging time with friends. I see you are remodeling and it looks like it is going to be wonderful and offer you some very live-able spaces. I lived in a trailer when we built our home - for much longer than I expected. I used to joke that I learned the 'trailer shuffle', because you can't take a full-sized step inside. :) It will all be worth it, but I know how claustrophobic it can be. I hope that you and your loved ones have a lovely and peaceful Christmas with many blessings in the coming new year. x Karen

  3. One day soon, you will be in your new house, making it into your home sweet home. Until then, you are making your little camper a warm haven for you two and your critters.

    Have a lovely Christmas and a fantastic 2019 ~ FlowerLady

  4. Rainey; When I feel exasperated with our untidy living quarters I remind myself that we are sheltered and warm; we have a shower, a propane stove for cooking. I think of the women who pioneered with their families, living in primitive 'dug-outs' or cabins, going 'stir crazy' before a long winter ended.
    I cherish every sunny day as a better chance to envision the finished house and consider a garden.