Tuesday, June 26, 2018

A Showery Mid-Summer

Time has moved along since I loaded and saved these photos a week ago. 
The day before the summer solstice was clear with a brilliant blue sky, light wind driving puffy white clouds across the sky.  Since then, the weather has deteriorated into steamy heat, thunderstorms and rain. 
Gardens have been lashed by a series of pounding storms; creeks are swollen to overflowing with muddy rushing water.

The sometimes dry brook along our lane is noisy with the flow of water that has brought from somewhere a collection of trash including a discarded car tire. 
The sun comes out briefly, then disappears as another bank of black clouds ushers in more rain and lashing wind.
We have been unusually busy--a variety of people in and out--errands, meals at odd times.
Sleep has eluded me during nights disturbed by crackling lightning and thunder that booms and echos up and down the ridges and hollows.
I share these photos--now out-of date--even as more rain assaults us, drumming on the metal roof of the house as we prepare for bed. 


  1. Summer flies by Sharon, especially the flowers. Do envy your rain, Britain is very hot, there is an out of control fire on Saddleworth Moors up here in the North.

  2. Thelma; Summer in the west was inevitably fire season, the smoke and smell of burning timber and sage brush carried for many miles. I don't think of Britain as 'hot'--what has happened to the cool English summer?