Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Catching Up With Myself

The past week proved uncommonly busy with errands and appointments.
I had a second visit scheduled with the chiropractor [and a third with her today.] Jim needed parts and pieces for his tractor restoration projects and also needed to assemble prices on lumber and hardware with the possibility of building several picnic tables for our church.
Along the way he learned that an acquaintance who has been in poor health had decided to sell one of his classic cars, a 1936 Ford. Jim knew his brother was hoping to buy such an item and so long distance negotiations took place.
There was paperwork to deal with and then the car had to be collected and driven here--only a few miles away, but the whole process took way more time in emails, phone calls, and connections
 than one might imagine. 

 With the transfer of funds accomplished, the next step was title reassignment and bill of sale signed and notarized, which needed to be done at the court house, Jim climbed into the driver's seat.  The car rolled quietly to the end of the driveway and stopped--out of gas.  It couldn't have happened in a more convenient place! 
I was along as the spare driver to eventually follow Jim home in our own car.

A quick trip in our car over the hill to the little store at Hardscratch with a can for gas and this time we were really underway.
It was by then past noon so Jim decided we should stop in town for lunch.
As the week progressed we were out for lunch on three different days.

Another of Ivan's classic automobiles.

On Friday morning I took advantage of blue skies and sunshine to peg a load of laundry on the back porch lines. I had thoughts of housework and baking, but became aware that Jim was up to something. When I noticed him at his desk carefully counting out cash I inquired resignedly, 'What have you bought now?'
A neighbor a mile away on the crossroad has had this truck advertised for sale for some time. Jim looked it over and decided it would be ideal for the upcoming trip to haul the vintage Ford out west to his brother. I was initially not enthused, until I realized that other than being 2 wheel drive, the truck has the same instrument panel and interior as one I frequently drove when we lived in Wyoming. 
I was asked to go with Jim while he collected the truck, again so that I could drive our car home.
There ensued one of those ridiculous situations that soak up time .
The owner of the truck couldn't locate the title and other paperwork in the place where it should have been kept.
[We have been there and done that, as the saying goes.]
While we waited the man and his son tore apart desk drawers and rummaged through file folders.
At last, sweating and apologetic, he suggested that Jim take the truck home and he would continue to search for the title.
Arriving home I had the feeling that it wouldn't be wise to start my baking!
10 minutes later the gentleman roared up the lane and triumphantly brandished the title and with considerable relief signed the bill of sale which I had printed.
Another trip to town--to the insurance agency first and then to the courthouse;  a short wait in line, but then a longer wait while the clerk sorted things before we had all 'signed, sealed and delivered!' 
We had lunch at the sandwich shop and Jim decided to pay in impromptu visit on our daughter and son-in-law!

The first of the 'kid-crop, twin bucks.

At home, a message from our neighbor/renters that another of the goats had given birth.
I walked down the lane in the gathering dusk to visit the newest babies.
The second born of the twins was a bit lethargic, not  interested in taking the bottle with her mother's rich  colostsrum.
I was given the little doeling to hold, bundled in a soft towel. I massaged gently behind her long soft ears, stroked her sleek back, talked all sorts of nonsense to her.
Earlier in the week I was present when one of my favorite goats produced triplets!
I am not much help with the urgent details of goat mid-wifery, but I can fetch towels, I can hold a new baby goat, provide an extra pair of hands and an encouraging voice.

Baby Goats grow so fast!

While Jim priced lumber at Lowes, I foraged in the garden center, coming home with two unusual lavenders and a rosemary, Tuscan Blue.
I am quite determined to be successful again with rosemary after the failures of the past several years.

The miniature rose, birthday gift from my son and his lovely wife, was in need of a larger pot.
When I teased it free of the soil I discovered it was three separate plants.
They are in the west window of the upstairs hall until I can decide where they should live outdoors.
I'm considering that they should be treated as container plants.

So--a strangely busy week--vehicles, plants, endless errands, phone conversations, baby goats.

This evening I have built a fire while rain pounded down, thunder rattled and darkness came early.
It will be too wet tomorrow to tackle the garden tasks I had in mind, but I can sow seeds indoors, set the trays in the sunroom windows. 
I can tidy my neglected kitchen, have a look at the sewing projects which have been languishing for several weeks.
I can pull on my boots and wander along the lane, camera in hand, to delight in the changes which daily announce the progress of springtime.
Life is good!


  1. What an interesting week. Amazing luck to find that old car and snaffle it up quickly for Jim's brother. He will be like a dog with two tails now I'm sure!

    Those goatlings are gorgeous and how fortunate to be on hand when the triplets came into the world. We have 10 cows in our top field at present - I thought they were all dry - but yesterday, in the space of walking up to Isaac's and back again, one of them had a calf, so I guess our field is the Nursery. A great improvement on the yard where the shavings put down 6 weeks ago are now a morass of dung and urine and NOT (I would think) a good clean place to give birth . . .

    I'm glad you have three roses in one and they will be cheerful indoors all the year through. I bought myself one yesterday which needs to get tucked in somewhere.

    1. Jennie; Bonny keeps a close watch on the Nubian does who are close to 'freshening' and tries to guide them into a sheltered overhang off the garage, out of the wind and well bedded with hay.
      On Sunday a doe gave birth to two 'girls' in the overnight stall, then hours later produced # 3 out in the pasture!
      Jim and his brother have exchanged more phone calls re the vintage car than you can imagine--Jim will start the journey this weekend to trailer it across country.

  2. Phew, what a week, have a lye down with a nice drink, you deserve it.

    1. Briony; My idea of a 'break' would be a comfy rocking chair, a book and a perfect mug of tea!

  3. I enjoyed reading about your 'good life'.

    The classic car is a beauty!

    Getting three little roses instead of what appeared to be one, was a real treat for you. Yay!

    Have a GREAT week ~ FlowerLady

    1. Rainey; I'm delighted with the chance to fuss over three mini roses. I hope I can grow them as container plants as I fear they would be over-whelmed in my garden 'jungle.'

  4. Nothing like a lot of running to make you appreciate home! Two car transaction in one week is a lot to deal with.


    1. Jane; It was definitely a 'run around' week. It seems that when doing 'paperwork' a great deal of time is spent waiting on others to do their part!

  5. What a beautiful vintage car! Such a wonderful find...Congrats on being a new truck owner, too. These things do take so much time. I have been noticing lately how much time the most mundane tasks of life do take. I am so ambitious to do all sorts of things around here, but everyday life always seems to intervene. The little goats are so precious. Such pretty colors and markings. My sewing projects are languishing, too. One more day of cleaning and maybe I can get some sewing done. We'll see......if everyday life doesn't intervene again! The little roses are so sweet. xo Karen

    1. Karen; My 'to do' lists have always been overly optimistic whether plans for a day or a week. Age factors into what I can accomplish these days.
      The baby goats are so appealing--I can lose an hour fussing over them!
      'Everyday life'--that's what we're all about!

  6. The goats are so cute! One of our neighbors recently bought a vintage car and my husband drools over it each time he see it.

    1. Janet; Over the years Jim has acquired several vintage cars, most needing some restoration work which he never had time to do, so he sold them on. We enjoy auto museums and car shows, but when it comes down to everyday I prefer a car which has a modern heater and AC although we don't need all the bells and whistles that seem to be standard equipment.